11 dead, 200 injured in fire incident at Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah  (monitoring desk) Khorbar’s  residence complex got fir resulting in 11 dead and more than 200 people being injured. Many injured are in severe condition and this may result in more deaths. Officials in Saudia Arabia said that in eastern province Khorbar a residence called as redeem complex got on fire which resulted in 11 deaths and more than 200 people getting injured. Before this ministry of interior general directorate of civil defense verified that 11 people died while 219 got injured. Arab media resources said that basement got fire in the morning, which got fired on the whole of the building in a glimpse of an eye. Resources said that no clue was found in the initial fire start up  while rescue teams are using helicopters and water cans to control the fire and on the other hand smoke clouds can be seen coming from a residential complex.