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2 Injured at Rawalpindi Metro Bus Station

2 Injured at Rawalpindi Metro Bus Station

RAWALPINDI: First incident occurred on the second day of Islamabad – Rawalpindi Metro Bus Inauguration.

The incident occurred at Metro Bus Station located at Saddar area where two people fell down and injured. A Metro Bus Project was inaugurated by Prime of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Last Thursday. On the next day (Friday), people who were at Metro Bus Station Terminal, two of them fell down from the terminal and got injured. Rescue 1122 teams reached there and shifted injured people to the nearest hospital.


راولپنڊي ميٽرو اسٽيشن تي ٻه ماڻھو ڪِرڻ سبب زخمي ٿي پيا

راولپنڊي : اسلام آباد ميٽرو بس جي افتتاح جي ٻئي ڏينھن ئي پھريون حادثو ٿي ويو ، صدر ۾ ميٽرو اسٽيشن تي ٻه ماڻھو ڪِرَڻ سبب زخمي ٿي پيا. ميٽرو بس سروس جوافتتاح ميان محمد نواز شريف خميس جي ڏينھن  ڪيو ھو. جمعي جي ڏينھن ميٽرو بس ٽرمينل صدر اسٽيشن تي موجود ٻه ماڻھو اسٽيشن کان ھيٺ ڪِري پيا ۽ شديد زخمي ٿي پيا. ان حادثي کان پوءِ ريسڪيو 1122 موقعي تي پُھچي ڪري زخمين کي سول اسپتال منتقل ڪيو.  

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