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5 Countries of World with no Sunset

دنيا جون اھي پنج جڳھيون جتي سج ڪڏھن به ناهي لهندو

Almighty God has made this world, which is so much beautiful. He has created many creations within this world, which makes one surprised. The world has 5 such locations where there is no sunset, or if there is a sunset than that is only for limited time.

ھيءَ دنيا الله تعالي تمام خوبصورت ٺاھي آھي ۽ ھن خوبصورت دنيا ۾ اھڙيون اھڙيون جڳھيون تخليق ڪيون آھن جن کي ڏسي انسان وائڙو رھجي ٿو وڃي. دنيا ۾ اھڙيون پنج جڳھيون آھن جتي سج ڪڏھن به نٿو لهي يا جيڪڏهن لهندو به آهي ته صرف ڪجھ مختصر وقت جي لاءِ ٿو لهي.

  1. Norway

In North of a Europe, this beautiful country is located. The country is one of those locations of the world which are considered to have all kinds of facilities available for their citizens. Government has also provided a facility of Social Security as well to their citizens. Nature has awarded to Norway, that sunset only takes place for some hours and sun remains disappeared for only some hours. There are some areas located in Northern Norway, where sun shines at night times as well during the period of May till July.Norway is also called ‘A land of Sun Shine at Midnight’ as well.


يورپ جي شمال ۾ واقع ھي خوبصورت ملڪ دنيا جي انھن ملڪن مان ھڪ آھي جتي توھان کي دنيا جي ھر قسم جي  سھولت ميسر آھي ان حڪومت جي طرفان شھرين کي سوشل سيڪيورٽي جي حفاظت به آھي. قدرت ناروي کي اھو اعزاز به ڏنو آھي ته سج اِتي صرف ڪجھ ڪلاڪ غائب ھوندو آھي.

مئي کان جولائي تائين ڪجھ علائقا (شمالي ناروي) ۾ اھڙا به آھن جتي سج رات جو به چمڪندو آھي. ان ئي وجھه جي ڪري ناروي کي اڌ رات جي سج واري سر زمين سڏيو ويندو آھي.

  1. Iceland

There is a huge island located at the North Atlantic, where you can find beautiful charming, alluring scene, waterfalls and forests. Here also, sunsets for a very limited time.

آئس لينڊ

شمالي بحر اوقيانوس ۾ واقع  تمام وڏو جزيرو آھي جتي توھان کي خوبصورت دلڪش، دلفريب منظر، آبشار۽ ٻيلا ڏسڻ لاءِ ملندا. ھتي به سج گھٽ غروب ٿيندو آھي.

  1. Canada

In Canada, there are many such areas, where a day is of 22 hours or it may be longer than that as well. People here, enjoy and benefit from the longer days and engage themselves in many different activities, including; Playing Golf, Hiking and fishing.


ڪينيڊا جي شمال ۾ ڪيترا ئي علائقي اھڙا آھن جتي ڏينھن ٻاويھن ڪلاڪن کان به ڊگھو ٿيندو آھي. ان وقت کان ماڻھو لطف اندوز ٿيڻ لاءِ مختلف سرگرميون ڪندا آھن جنھن ۾ گولف کيڏڻ، پھاڙن تي چڙھڻ ۽ مڇيون پڪڙڻ شامل آھن.

  1. Sweden

Sweden is a neighborhood country of Norway, which is also such area where, there is no sunset or has very short time of sunset. A Capital City of Sweden, Stockholm has a sunset at around 1:00 am which lasts after 3 hours and around 4:00 am there is a sunrise again.


ناروي جو پاڙيسري ملڪ سويڊن به اھڙن علائقن ۾ شامل آھي جتي سج نه لهندو آهي. سويڊن جي دارالحڪومت سٽاڪ ھوم ۾ سج تقريباۡ رات جو ھِڪ بجي لهندو آھي ۽ ٽن ڪلاڪن کانپوءِ چئين بجي سج وَرِي اُڀري ايندو آھي.

  1. Finland

Finland is Europe’s another country, which has been listed in the listing of those country which has very short or has no sunset. People here do skiing, cycling and hiking to enjoy the weather.

فن لينڊ

سڪينڊي نيوئن جو ھڪ ٻيو ملڪ به ان فھرست ۾ شامل آھي، جتي سج نٿو لهي. ھتان جا ماڻھو موسم کان لطف اندوز ٿيڻ لاءِ سڪينگ، سائيڪلنگ ۽ پھاڙن تي چڙھندا آھن.

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