A Billionaire has to spend rest of his life 50 rs per day

NEW DELHI: Indian Businessman Ramalinga Raju who was one of a Billionaire in India. Today his fate has been changed and he is bound to spend his life to spend only 50 rupees per day. He has been jailed under some financial embezzlement, which not only led him to lose all his wealth but also he has been jailed.

He is working in a jail where he get his salary of 50 rupees per day. He is allowed to spend only 25 rupees from that and remaining 25 rupees are used to be added in his account within the jail. That money will be given once he’ll complete his imprisonment.

Jail officials are in a way to decide to provide him with some daily routine responsibilities. It is also under consideration to provide him the responsibility to clean the whole library within the jail or he has to educate people within the jail.

It is really a big concern that a person who was a billionaire some time ago, and was spending his life with all kinds of luxuries available, today bound to spend his life as helpless prisoner.


ارب پتي ڀارتي 50 روپيا ڏهاڙيءَ تي زندگي گزارڻ تي مجبور

نعي دهلي: ڀارت جو بزنسمين رام لنگا راجو ڪڏهن هڪ ارب پتي انسان هيو، پر قسمت هڪدم پلٽو کادو ۽ اڄ هو هڪ جيل ۾ محض 50 روپيا ڏهاڙيءَ تي زندگي گذاري رهيو آهي. ارب پتي راجوءَ کي صرف هڪ فراڊ جي وجهه سان ن صرف پنهنجي دولت کان محروم ٿيڻو پيو پر ان سان گڏ هيءُ جيل هليو ويو.

جيل ۾ ڪم ڪرڻ جا هن کي روزانو 50 روپيا ملندا آهن، جنهن مان هن ڪي رڳو 25 روپيا خرچ ڪرڻ جي اجازت آهي، باقي 25 روپيا هن جي جيل جي کاتي ۾ گڏ ٿيندا آهن. آها رقم جڏهن هو آزاد ٿيندو ان وقت هن کي ڏني واپس ويندي. پوليس عملو راجو لاءِ جيل ۾ مختلف ڪمن تي غور ڪري رهيا آهن. اهو به سوچ ويچار اندر آهي ته هن کي جيل جي اندر موجود لاعيبريري جي صفاعي سٿراعي تي هنيو وڃي يا وري ان کي ماڻهن جي تعليم ڪرڻ ۾ لڳايو وڃي.

اها هڪ وڏي تشويش جي ڳالهه آهي ته ڪجھ وقت پهريون انتهاعي عيش و عشرت سان زندگي گزاريندڙ راجو اڄ هڪ بي يارو مددگار قيديءَ جي زندگي گذاري رهيو آهي.