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A City with wide roads but no traffic

A City with wide roads but no traffic

Do you know there is also a country in the world where there are very wide roads, but no one owns their own transport?

In the world, there is a city where you can see modern type roads but you’ll not be able to find any kind of traffic on the roads. Not only will this but you hardly find public on the roads in the city. This city is located in Burma named as “Naypidaw”.

Burmese Government decided to build this city in 2002 and decided to locate their capital from Rangoon to Naypidaw.

Government have built wide roads, beautiful buildings and parks within the city. Instead of all these facilities, no one is ready to live in the city. Some of the roads are very wide that they consist of 20 lines, but instead of all this there is no traffic on the roads.  One can only find small number of people on bicycles and pedestrians.

According to Government census, this city has a population of around 0.9 million people but city gives some different shadow. In 2005, some government officials came here to live but they skipped from this city due to non-availability of basic facilities like schools, colleges within the city.

City consists of beautiful parks and big grounds but instead of that, people do not like to move towards this city. In order to attract the city Government of Burma has also allocated a land of 5 Acres to all embassies, whereas a separate land has been provided to United Nations for their different projects.

The city only have an embassy of Bangladesh.

دنيا جو اھو شھر جتي روڊ ته تمام ويڪرا آھن پر گاڏي جو مالڪ ڪوئي به ناهي

دنيا ۾ ھڪ شھر اھڙو به آھي جتي شاندار روڊ ته ٺاھيا ويا آھن پر ھتي گاڏيون ته پري جي ڳالھ پر ماڻھو پنڌ ھلندي به گھٽ ملندا آھن.اهو شهر برماڪا جو ”نيپيدا“ آھي. جنهن کي حڪومت ۲۰۰۲ع ۾ ٺاهڻ جو آغاز ڪيو۽ ٺاھڻ وقت اھو سوچيو ويو ھو ته ملڪ جو دارلحڪومت رنگون کان منتقل ڪري ھتي آباد ڪيو ويندو

ان شھر ۾ ويڪرا روڊ، شاندار عمارتون ۽ باغ ٺاھيا ويا پر پوءِ به ڪوئي ان شھر ۾ رھڻ جي لاءِ تيار نه آھي

ڪجھ روڊ ايتري قدر ويڪرا ۽ ۲۰ لينز تي مشتل آھن پر ان جي باوجود ڪا به گاڏي ان روڊ  تي نه ڏٺي ويندي آھي ماڻھو سائيڪلن تي يا پنڌ سفر ڪندي ڏٺا ويندا آھن. سرڪاري آدمشماري مطابق  ھن شھر جي آبادي نون لکن کان به وڌيڪ آھي پر تصوير ڪجھ الڳ ڪھاڻي ٿي ٻڌائي. ۲۰۰۵ع ۾ ڪجھ سرڪاري ملازم ھن شھر ۾ رھڻ جي لاءِ آيا پر بنيادي ضرورتون جيئن اسڪول جي عدم فراھمي جي ڪري انھن کي پنھنجي خاندانن کي ڇڏڻو پيو .

شھر ۾ خوبصورت باغ ۽ کليل ميدان ھجڻ جي باوجود  تمام گھڻا ماڻھو ھن شھر جو رخ نه ٿا ڪن. برما جي حڪومت غير ملڪين کي متوجه ڪرڻ لاءِ ھر ايمبيسي کي پنج ايڪڙ زمين به ڏني آھي، جڏھن ته اقوام متحده جي مشن جي لاءِ به الڳ سان زمين رکي وئي آھي، پر سواءِ بنگلاديش جي هن ملڪ ۾ ڪا به ايمبيسي موجود نه آهي.

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