A Great American Muslim who enlighten Islam

LAHORE: In the middle of 20th Century, America was considered to be the state of Racial Discrimination and Religion Rivalry. This was the time when Malcolm X has started a motion and at that time a revolution of Islamic Education there was not less than any kind of revolution.

Malcolm X was born in 1925. He was not only who was inspired by the Islamic teachings but there was a huge crowd of Americans were also inspired by Islamic Education. Malcolm X was of 6 years when his father was murdered and when he was of 13, her mother was shifted towards the mental hospital. Afterwards, he spent many of years in Orphanage.

In 1946, when he was imprisoned, he became to be a member of Nation of Islam, while he was included in most influenced leaders of the organization in 1952. He accepted Islam. During that time, he travelled through African and Middle Eastern states and performed Hajj during that period.

In order to introduce the right education of Islam, he also put a foundation of Muslim Mosque. Malcom X has also been declared to be The Great African American of the History. He has also been declared to be a pioneer to deliver the message of Islam in Northern and Western Black People.

In 1965, he was attacked, in which he died. After sometime of his martyrdom, an Autobiography of Malcolm X was published. The publication was declared to be one of The Greatest Publication of the History.



ھڪ عظيم آمريڪي مسلمان جنھن آمريڪا کي اسلام سان روشناس ڪرايو

لاھور: ويھين صدي جي وسط ۾ آمريڪا نسلي تعصب ۽ مذھبي دشمني جي سر زمين نظر ايندو ھو ۽ اُن دور ۾ ميلڪم ايڪس پاران انساني حقوق جي تحريڪ برپا ڪرڻ ۽ اسلام جو علم بلند ڪرڻ ڪنھن وڏي انقلاب کان گھٽ نه ھو. مَئي 1925 ۾ پيدا ٿيندڙ ميلڪم جي شخصيت پيغام کان متاثر ٿي ڪري نه صرف عام آمريڪن ماڻھن جي وڏي تعداد اسلام جي طرف راغب ٿي پر تاريخ جي عظيم ترين شخصيت به انھن کان متاثر ٿي اسلام ڏانھن مائل ٿيا. ميلڪم جڏھن ڇَھَ سالن جو ھئو ته ان جي والد کي قتل ڪيو ويو ۽ جڏھن تيرھن سالن جو ٿيو ته انھن جي والده به ذھني مريض جي اسپتال منتقل ٿي چڪي ھئي جنھن کان پو۽ انھن ڪيترائي سال يتيم خاني ۾ گذاريا. 1946 ۾ جڏھن انھن کي قيد ڪيو ويو ته ھو نيشن آف اسلام نالي ھڪ تنظيم جا رڪن بڻيا ۽ 1952 ۾ انھن جي خاص رھنمائن ۾ شامل ٿي ويا. انھن اسلام قبول ڪيو ۽ آفريڪا ۽ مشرق وسطيٰ جي وڏي سفر لاءِ  ھلي ويا سفر جي دوران انھن حج جي سعادت به حاصل ڪئي.

اسلام جي پيغام کي متعارف ڪرڻ جي لاءِ انھن مسلم مسجد جو بنياد به رکيو. ميلڪم ايڪس کي آمريڪي تاريخ جو عظيم ترين آفريڪي آمريڪي قرار ڏنو ويو آھي ۽ آمريڪا جي شمالي ۽ مغربي علائقن ۾ موجود سياھ فام ماڻھن تائين اسلام جو پيغام پھچائڻ وارو ماڻھو به انھن کي ئي قرار ڏنو ويو آھي. فيبروري 1965 انھن تي قاتلانو حملو ڪيو ويو ۽ ھو پنھنجي خالق حقيقي سان وڃي مليو.

انھن جي مَرَڻَ جي ڪجھ عرصي کان پوءِ انھن جي آٽوبايوگرافي آف ميلڪم ايڪس شايع ڪئي وئي جنھن کي ويھين صدي جي خاص ڪتابن مان ھڪ قرار ڏنو ويو آھي.