A Household tip to make shiny clean teeth
shiny clean teeth

ڏندن کي صاف ۽ چمڪدار بنائڻ لاءِ آسان گھريلو ٽوٽڪا

When we eat some food or drink beverages like tea or coffee, it leaves some of its particles within out cavities as well. While these small particles make some plaque around the teeth. These plaques no doubt affect the beauty of teeth and in order to make them clean and shiny again, is not less than any kind of challenge. But now it is not too much difficult. Now you can clean your teeth with simple and easy household tips, by which you will be able to clean your teeth but also can restore their shining as well.

ڪراچي: ڏندن ۾ هڪ خاص قسم جو گهرو رنگ اچي ويندو آهي، جنهن کي خاص ڪري انگريزيءَ ۾ ”پلاڪ“ چيو ويندو آهي، جيڪو ڏندن جي خوبصورتيءَ کي متاثر ڪندو آهي، ۽ ان کي صاف ڪرڻ ڪنھن چيلنج کان گھٽ نه ھوندو آھي پر ھاڻي توهان آسان گھريلو نسخن جي ذريعي پنھنجا ڏند خوبصورت ۽ چمڪدار بڻائي ٿا سگھو.

Baking Soda

A Household tip to make shiny clean teeth
Bicarbonate in a wooden spoon

If you use Baking Soda, especially if you have it little bit older, than you can get your teeth shining back. In order to do so, all you need is to take you toothbrush and make it wet with water. Now, put a Baking Soda on it and brush with it on your teeth. If you can add small amount of salt, that will more enhance its action.

مٺي سوڍا

جيڪڏھن مٺي سوڍا (بيڪنگ سوڍا) ٿوري پراڻي ھجي ته ان سان ڏند سٺا صاف ٿي سگھن ٿا.

ان جي لاءِ برش کي ٿورو آلو ڪيو ۽ ان تي مٺي سوڍا لڳائي چڱي طرح ڏندن کي ھڻو جيڪڏھن ان ۾ چٽڪي لوڻ جي به ملايو ته ڏند اڃا به سٺا  صاف ٿيندا.

Apple VinegarA Household tip to make shiny clean teeth

In order to clean and shine your teeth, a use of apple vinegar is one of the best remedy for it. Just dip in your brush into the vinegar and apply the brush on affected teeth. After some time make gargles because vinegar can harm to the teeth cavities, if vinegar not been removed within some time. By performing this method, one can surely get their teeth shiny cleaned.

صوف جو سرڪو

ڏندن کي صاف ڪرڻ لاءِ ھڪ سٺو نسخو صوف جو سرڪو به  آھي برش کي سرڪي ۾  ٻوڙي خراب ڏندن تي آزمايو ۽ پوءِ چڱي طرح گُرڙي ڪيو، ڇو ته سرڪي سان ڏندن جي انيمل کي نقصان پھچي سگھي ٿو. اهڙو عمل ڪرڻ سان ڪجھ ڏينهن ۾ سٺا نتيجا نظر اچڻ شروع ٿي ويندا.

Sun Flower Seeds and BlossomsA Household tip to make shiny clean teeth

Sun Flower Seeds and Blossoms or Linden Flower can also be a good remedy to get shiny clean teeth. For this you need to have 4 table spoons of Sun Flower Seeds and 4 table spoons of Blossoms. Mix sun flower seeds and blossoms in water and cook them for 30 minutes on a slow fire. Clean your teeth with that after every meal. In some days, you’ll notice your teeth has been cleaned greatly.

سورج مکيءَ جا ٻج ۽ ورڪش گل

سورج مکيءَ جا گُلَ، ورڪش گلَ يا شجرِ لائم به ڏندن کي صاف ۽ چمڪدار بنائڻ جي صلاحيت رکندو آهي. ان لاءِ توهان کي چار چمچا سورج مکيءَ جا ٻج ۽ چار چمچا ورڪش گل ھڪ ليٽر پاڻيءَ ۾ ملائي اڌ ڪلاڪ جي لاءِ ھلڪي باھ تي پچايو ۽ ان سان ھر کاڌي کان پوءِ پنھنجا ڏند برش ڪيو. ڪجھ ئي ڏينھن ۾ توھان جا ڏند صاف ٿي ويندا.