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A jinxed village of Italy, Locals scare of even calling its name

A jinxed village of Italy, Locals scare of even calling its name

ROME: Commonly Europe is famous for its education and growth. It is believed to be most literate zone on the earth. In reality, the people living there are same as Asian and Africans, who lives for themselves only.

A village located in Italy, shows some exemplary vision similar to that. Local People consider it most jinxed place on earth and scare from even taking its name. According to the report of foreign media agency, people have different stories about the Italy’s village ‘Colobraro’. Italian locals are too scary of this village that they don’t even call its name and they feel that it is jinxed to take the name of this village.

It is believed that a lawyer and a witch became a reason of being jinxed. Biagio Virgilio, was a rich lawyer, who never loses any of case in his life. He has many enemies in his life. One day, lawyer said that if he is lying than the chandelier hanging on the roof, falls on me. Once he said these words, a Chandelier fell down with a big blast on the floor. No one was reported to be injured by that incident, but that lawyer’s name was added with the jinxed. A name of that witch was ‘Lacter’, and due to her wizards, village has been jinxed.

As per the statement of grand-daughter of witch “Alaina de Napoli”, who is also an in-charge of Tourism Board said that her Grand Ma was not a witch. Interesting thing about the village is that, that instead of its bad impact on its local people, a tourism number has never been declined but has shown an increase of its total visitor’s number. Locals arrange a festival every year to remind the historical value of the village. Local artists use to tell stories about ghosts and stars to the coming visitors.


اٽلي جو منحوس ڳوٺ، ماڻھو جنھن جي نالي کان به ڊڄندا آھن

روم: عام طور تي يورپي ملڪن کي علم ۽ ترقيءَ جي حوالي سان روشن خيال سمجھيو ويندو آھي پر حقيقت ۾ اتان جا ماڻھو به ايترا ته ھم پرست آھن جيترا ايشيا ۽ آفريڪا جا ماڻھوآھن. ان جو ھڪ مثال اٽلي به آھي جتي ھڪ ڳوٺ کي منحوس ترين تصور ڪيو ويندو آھي ۽ ان جو نالو وٺندي به ڊڄندا آھن.

غير ملڪي نشرياتي اداري جي رپورٽ جي مطابق اٽليءَ جي ڳوٺ “ڪولوبريرو”جي متعلق قسمين قسمين جون ڪھاڻيون ٻڌايون وينديون آھن جنھن جي ڪري اطالوي باشندن ۾ ايترو خوف آھي جو اھي هن جو نالو وٺڻ به نحوست سمجھن ٿا.

چيو ويندو آھي ته ويھين صديءَ ۾ ھڪ وڪيل ۽ ھڪ جادوگرياڻي ان ڳوٺ جي نحوست جو سبب بڻيا ھئا. بياجيوورجيليو ھڪ دولتمند وڪيل ھيو جنھن زندگيءَ ۾ ڪو به ڪيس نه ھاريو ھيو، ان جا ڪيترائي دشمن ھيا. ھڪ ڏينھن ان چيو ته جيڪڏھن مان ڪوڙ ٿو ڳالھايان ته ھو فانوس ھيٺ ڪِرِي پوي، اھي لفظ چوڻ سان ئي ڇت ۾ لڳل فانوس ڌماڪي سان ھيٺ زمين تي ڪِرِي پيو.

ان حادثي ۾ ڪو زخمي ته نه ٿيو پر ان وڪيل جو نالو نحوست سان جُڙي ويو، جادوگرياڻيءَ جي متعلق اھو چيو ويندو آھي ته ان جو نالو “لاڪٽر” ھيو ۽ ان جي جادوءَ جي سبب نحوست ڇائجي وئي.

ان جادوگرياڻيءَ جي پوٽي “ايلينا ڊي نيپولي” جيڪا ھڪ سياحتي بورڊ جي انچارج به آھي ان جو چوڻ آھي ته ان جي ڏاڏي جادوگرياڻي نه ھئي. حيرت جي ڳالھ اھا آھي ته ان ڳوٺ جي خراب شھرت ھجڻ جي باوجود سياحتي حيثيت ۾ ڪو فرق نه آيو آھي. هر گرمي ءَ جي موسم ۾ اتان جي تاريخي حيثيت کي اجاگر ڪرڻ جي لاءِ هڪ فيسٽيول به ڪيو ويندو آهي، جنهن ۾ مقامي فنڪار جنن، ڀوتن ۽ ستارن جي متعلق جادوئي ڪهاڻيون ٻڌائيندا آهن.

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