A list of Corrupt Sindh Police Officers prepared

KARACHI: A list of those Sindh Police Officers, who are involved in corruption has been prepared. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has prepared a list of corrupt officers within Sindh Police.

According to the details, NAB has fasten their investigations against the corrupt and criminal elements within Sindh Police. NAB has highlighted such police officers and has summarized a list of such police officers.

In a list, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Jacobabad’s Inspector Ahsan Ahmed and Ex-Revenue Officer (Mukhtiar Kar) Thul, Ghulam Abbas and 3 others sold lands. These 3 Officers, sold a land, which was located adjacent to Thul Police Station. The land was of 2700 square feet.

On other hand, Former SHO Ferozabad, Shah Nawaz and Anti-Car Lifting Cell Sharifabad’s Ismael Lashari has abused their powers. While Assistant Sub-Inspector Anti-Car Lifting Cell, Mukhtiar Ali Mangi has also been in the race of corruption. DSP Jameel Akhter Kayani and Faisal Jameel Kayani has also increased their wealth within a very short time. NAB has requested to all departments that these police officers should not be given any kind of postings anywhere.