A new country within European Map

A new country has been appeared within the European Map. A golden opportunity to obtain citizenship.

There are very less areas within the world which has no occupation of any nation. Europe does not only have such place but there is a person, who claims the place and expecting to develop a new country there. A person’s name, who is trying to develop a country there is “Jack Vit Jedlicka”, who is now a President of Free Republic of Liberland.

This newly formed Country of Liberland is located between Croatia and Serbia at the area of Danube River. A total area of a country is 7 Kms. None of both the neighbouring countries had this area before. This land was known as “No Man’s Land” and now its owner has decided to build up a separate country on that land.

Interesting fact is, a website has also been developed for Liberland. A flag has been designed and the country has a slogan “To Live and Let Live”. Vit Jedlicka and his associates invited around 5000 people to get citizenship of this newly born Country, but around 1.9 Million applications has been received so far, which are under investigation by 7 volunteers, who are a part of Liberland.

Though Liberia is still not an old state but they have started facing many problems. Visually, another country named “Padaduin” has already staked out to claim the land. It is possible that these kind of smaller states will be fighting their first War in near coming days.


يورپ جي نقشي تي نئون ملڪ ظاھر،شھريت حاصل ڪرڻ جو سنھرو موقعو

دنيا ۾ شايد  اھڙا گھٽ ئي علائقا آھن جن تي ڪنھن ملڪ جي دعويٰ نه ھجي ، يورپ ۾ نه صرف اھڙو علائقو موجود آھي پر ھڪ ماڻھو ان تي ملڪ جو دعويٰ ڪري ان تي نئين يورپ ملڪ جو بنياد رکڻ جو اعلان ڪيو آھي .

ان ماڻھو جو نالو “جيڪ وٽ جڊليڪا” آھي ۽ ھاڻي اھو “آزاد جمھوريا لائبرلينڊ” جو صدر آھي.

ھي علائقو سريبيا ۽ ڪوشيا جي درميان بسجڻ واري “دونوسي” درياء جي اولھ ڪناري تي آھي. ان جو ڪل رقبا ۷ مربع ڪلوميٽر آھي. ٻنھي ملڪن جي حڪومتن ۾ ھي علائقو ڪنھن وٽ نه ھيو ۽ ان کي” نو مينز لينڊ” چيو ويندو ھو.

۽ ھاڻي ان ماڻھو علحيدا ملڪ ٺاھڻ جو اعلان ڪيو آھي.

دلچسپ ڳالھ اھا آھي ته لائبرلينڊ جي ويب سائيٽ به ٺاھي وئي آھي،جھنڊو به ڊزائن ٿي چڪو آھي ۽ ان جو مقصد “جيئو ۽ جيئڻ ڏيو” رکيو ويو آھي. 

جيڊليڪا ۽ ان جي ساٿين جي  طرفان پنج ھزار ماڻھن کي نئي مملڪت جوشھري بڻجڻ جي  دعوت ته ڏني ھئي پر ھاڻي ۱۶۰۰۰۰ درخواستون  موصول ٿي چڪيون آھن ۽ ۷ رضاڪارن جي  ٽيم انھن جي جاچ پڙتال ڪري رھي آھي.

لائبرلينڊ جي عمر ته وڌيڪ نه آھي پر مسئلا ھاڻي کان ئي شروع ٿي ويا آھن.

بظاھر “پرودوئن” نالي ملڪ پھريون ئي  ان علائقي تي پنھنجي دعوي ڪري چڪو آھي .

ممڪن آھي ايندڙ ڏينھن ۾ دنيا جا ھي ننڍا ملڪ پنھنجي پھرين جنگ وڙھن.