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A Pakistani Journalist spending his life as Fugitive

A Pakistani Journalist spending his life as Fugitive

NEW YORK: An American Newspaper ‘Washington Post’ has published a special report on Pakistani Journalist Hamid Mir. A newspaper has titled the story as “Living like a Fugitive”.

In report, Washington Post has highlighted the life of Hamid Mir. After an attack on Hamid Mir, he is spending his life just like an escapee. Hamid owns three different houses, but he cannot live in any of them permanently and keeps on changing his home routinely. His movement is too much private that even his friends and relatives don’t know that at which house he is staying at that particular moment.

Hamid Mir said that after an attack on his children, he has shifted his family outside the country. He further said that his wife suggested him to come along with them, but he said he will not go this way, as he’ll continue to struggle for his mission.

As per report, nowadays Hamid Mir is using a bulletproof car for travelling and his life is limited between his home and office. In the report, Washington Post has mentioned that, he has been victimized due to his programs, which are targeted to Afghan War, Taliban and Baluchistan issues, where he portrayed hatred programs against them has made him on target with agencies working within Pakistan. Many of ISI people also don’t like him, because of his negative reporting against them. Similarly, he criticized to Taliban as well, for which he has been targeted by these activists as well. On exposing many corruption scandals of politicians, they are also not happy with Hamid Mir.

In Pakistan, most of the society people have been seems to be those who hates Hamid Mir. Mr. Mir himself is opposing on all elements which have been raised against him and is confident not to turn back at any cost due to such circumstances. He himself said that now he’ll be very careful of such talks in his programs that should not make him to stand against Pakistan’s security establishment at all.

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مفرورن وانگر زندگي گذارڻ وارو پاڪستاني صحافي!

نيويارڪ: آمريڪي اخبار واشنگٽن پوسٽ پاڪستاني صحافي حامد مير تي ھڪ خصوصي رپورٽ شايع ڪئي، جنھن جو عنوان آھي ”مفرور وانگر زندگي گذارڻ“. رپورٽ ۾ ٻڌايو ويو آھي ته قاتلانه حملي کان پوءِ حامد مير پاڪستان ۾ مفرورن واري زندگي گذاري رھيو آھي. انھن جا ٽي گھر آھن پر ھو ڪنھن به ھڪ جڳھ تي مسلسل نه ٿا رھن، انھن ٽنھي رھائش گاھن تي وقت گذاريندا آھن، پر ان بابت انھن جي عزيزن ۽ رشتيدارن کي به خبر نه ھوندي آھي. حامد مير جو چوڻ آھي ته ٻارن جي گاڏيءَ تي حملي کان پوءِ انھن پنھنجي ٻنھي ٻارن کي ملڪ کان ٻاھر موڪلي ڇڏيو آھي. انھن جي گھَرَواريءَ جو حامد مير کي اھو چوڻ ھو ته ھو به ملڪ ڇڏي ھلن پر حامد مير چيو ته ھو ميدان ڇڏي ڀڃڻ وارن مان نه آھي. رپورٽ جي مطابق ھاڻي حامد مير بلٽ پروف گاڏيءَ ۾ سفر ڪندو آھي ۽ انھن جي زندگي گھر ۽ دفتر تائين محدود ٿي وئي آھي. اخبار جو چوڻ آھي ته افغان جنگ، طالبان ۽ بلوچستان جي موضوعن تي متنازعه خبرن جي سبب پاڪستاني خفيه ايجنسي آئي ايس آئي جا ڪجھ ماڻھو انھن کي پسند نه ڪندا آھن. اھڙيءَ طرح پاڪستاني طالبان تي شديد تنقيد جي سبب ھو مقاقي شدت پسند گروھن جا به ٽارگٽ آھن. سياسي جماعتن ۾ ڪرپشن جون ڪھاڻيون بي نقاب ڪرڻ تي ڪيترائي سياستدان به انھن کان خفا آھن. حامد مير ڀارت ۾ سٺن تعلقات جو حامي آھي گھڻن ماڻھن کي انھن جي اِھا ادا به پسند نه آھي. پاڪستان جي ھر طبقي مان انھن سان نفرت ڪرڻ وارن ۾ گھٽتائي نه آھي. جڏھن ته حامد مير بظاھر ان شديد مخالفت جي ڪري پنھنجي ڪم کان پٺتي ھٽڻ جي لاءِ تيار نه آھن ڇو ته انھن اعتراف ڪيو آھي ته ھاڻي انھن اھڙن موضوعن تي ڳالھ ٻولھ تمام گھٽ ڪري ڇڏي آھي جنھن سان پاڪستان جي سيڪيورٽي اسٽيبلشمينٽ سان اختلافات پيدا ٿين.
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