A Place where Dirt been thrown on Girls before getting Married

A Country where Dust and Rotten Eggs been thrown on a Girl before getting Married.

Edinburgh: We are well aware of the practice that before marriage people use to make girl as beautiful as she can, but in Scotland there people do something opposite to that with the girls who wants to get married. It has been reported that, it is their tradition that whenever any girl wishes to get married, their friends and relatives use to throw trash, rotten eggs, rotten milk and all that bad trash on a girl.

According to the Local people, they say that they do this to test the stamina of a girl. They use to check the tolerance of the girl before she get married. They convey a message to the girl before getting married that if she can handle such kind of difficulties, she can do marriage but if she is unable to handle it than it is better not to get married.

Local People said, girls get better idea of a Marriage life through such kind of tradition and by doing this she can make a better decision before doing marriage.

دنيا جو اهو ملڪ جتي شاديءَ کان پهريون خراب انڊا ۽ گند ڦٽو ڪيو ويندوآهي

ايڊنبرا؛ شادي کان پهريون ڪنوار کي گھڻو ۾ گھڻو خوبصورت بڻايو ويندو آهي پر اسڪاٽلينڊ ۾ ٿيڻ واري ڪنوار سان ناقابل يقين سلوڪ ڪيو ويندو آهي. هتي جي روايت موجب شادي کا پهريون ڇوڪري جون سهيليون ۽ ان جي خاندان وارا هڪ رسم جي دوران ڇوڪريءَ تي خراب انڊا، خراب کير، گند ڪچرو ۽ هر غليظ شيءِ بالٽي ڀري ان تي اڇلاعيندا آهن. هن رسم جي ذريعي هو ان ڇوڪريءَ جو امتحان وٺندا آهن ۽ انکي اهو پيغام ڏنو ويندو آهي ته جيڪڏهن هوءَ ان تڪليف کي برداشت ڪري سگھي ٿي ته هن کي شادي ڪرڻ کپي نه ته اڪيلي رهڻ ۾ بهتري آهي. مقامي ماڻهن جو چوڻ آهي ته ان رسم جي ذريعي ڇوڪريءَ کي شادي کانپوءِ جي تڪليفن جو بهتر اندازو ٿيندو آهي ۽ اهڙو ڪرڻ سان انکي هڪ بهتر فيصلو ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ملندي آهي.