A Smile by a daughter changed Dhoni’s Life

A smile given by a daughter, changed a life of Indian Cricket Captian MS Dhoni

According to Indian Media, Mahinder Sindh Dhoni said, he was in Australia while his daughter was born, where he missed her a lot.  He said that, after getting a news of daughter’s birth, it was a toughest time for him, but when he saw his daughter, it seems that everything has been changed.

Dhoni Said that after babies, life get changed because while we see that innocent smile on their faces, one feels like a happiest moment of life. He said same thing is happened to his life.

ڌيءُ جي مسڪراهٽ ڀارتي ڪرڪيٽ ٽيم جي ڪپتان ايم ايس ڌوني جي زندگي بدلائي ڇڏي

 ڀارتي ميڊيا جي مطابق مھندر سنگھ ڌوني جو چوڻ آھي ته ھو زيوا جي پيدائش وقت آسٽريليا ۾ ھوجتي ان جي شديد ڪمي محسوس ٿي

ڌيءُ جي پيدائش جي خبر ٻڌڻ کان پوءِ ان کي نه ڏسڻ ھڪ مشڪل ترين حصو ھو، پر جڏھن ان کي ڏٺو ته سڀ ڪجھ بدلجي ويو. مھندر سنگھ ڌوني جووڌيڪ  چوڻ ھو ته ٻارن کان پوءِ زندگي ۾ تبديلي اچي ويندي آھي ڇو ته انھن جي معصوم مسڪراھٽ زندگي جي قيمتي شيءِ محسوس ٿيندي آھي ۽ انھن جي لاءِ به ڪجھ ائين ئي ٿيو آھي