A Successful Test of Air Defense System

KARACHI: Pakistan has successfully tested an Air Defense System against Drones and Missiles. Which is a basic need of state security and during war state: Army Chief

Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif visited Air Defense Firing Rangers Camp near Karachi. While his visit he saw a firing of FM-90 Air Defense Missile System. General Raheel said, that it has become a need of country’s defense system.

The system has been injected in Army’s Defense system. While meeting with Army Officers, General Raheel Sharif appreciated the efforts of Armed Forces and said that it is a critical need to have such Air Defense System. According to ISPR, FM-90 Air Defense Missile can work against the Drone Attacks and can deactivate the Missiles successfully. FM-90 has a capability to target any kind of Aerial attacks.

Pakistan’s Air Defense will be strengthened by the induction of this device and it can better target any kind of attacks.

While addressing to the event, Chief of Army Staff highly praised the technical capabilities of Armed Forces. He focused on the need of Air Defense System and said that it is a need of today’s security system and it is also a need to upgrade the technology of weapons, in order to increase the security of the country. He further said that Pakistan has great ability to counter any kind of threat and have great capabilities.

According to Private TV Channel, a test has successfully been done through different Missile attacks. This system can target any kind of Drone attacks as well as any guided missiles. By this new induction of Air Defense system, a security capabilities of country will be enhanced greatly.


ڊرون ۽ ميزائلن جو ايئر ڊفينس سسٽم جو تجربو ڪامياب، موجوده دور جي جنگين ۾ ان جي  ضرورت وڌي وئي

آرمي چيف جنرل راحيل شريف ڪراچي جي ويجھو ايئر ڊفينس فائرنگ رينجز جو دورو ڪيو ۽ ايف ايم 90 ايئر ڊفينس ميزائل  سسٽم جي  فائرنگ ڏٺي جيڪا حال ۾ ئي فوج ۾ شامل ڪئي وئي آھي.

آرمي چيف آفيسرن ۽ جوانن کي سرھائيندي چيو ته  موجوده دور جي جنگين ۾ ايئر ڊفينس جي  ضرورت وڌي وئي آھي. آئي ايس پي آر جي مطابق  ايف ايم 90 ايئر ڊفينس ميزائل ڊرونز ۽ ڪروزميزائل ماري ڪيرائڻ جي صلاحيت رکي ٿو. ھي ميزائل ڪيترن ئي قسمن جي هدف کي نشانو بڻائڻ جي صلاحيت رکي ٿو.

ان سسٽم جي شموليت سان پاڪستان جي ايئر ڊفينس ۾ وڌيڪ بھتري ايندي ۽ هدف کي نشانو بڻائڻ ۾ ڪاميابي ملندي.

چيف آف آرمي اسٽاف ان موقعي تي آفيسرن ۽ جوانن سان خطاب ڪندي انهن جي تربيتي معيار کي پڻ ساراهيو. انھن ايئر ڊفينس جي اھميت تي زور ڏيندي چيو ته اڄ جي دور جي ضرورت اھڙي آھي جو تسلسل سان گڏ پنھنجي ھٿيارن کي جديد بڻايو وڃي، جڏھن ته ان سان گڏو گڏ خطرن جو به منهن توڙ جواب ڏيڻ جي تربيت جو اھتمام ڪرڻ گھرجي.

نجي ٽي وي جي مطابق ان ڪامياب تجربي سان گڏ نئين ميزائلن جي تربيت مڪمل ٿي وئي آھي. ھي ڊرونز ۽ گائيڊڊ ميزائلز کي به نشانو بڻائي سگھي ٿو.

نئين دفائي ميزائيل سسٽم سان پاڪ فوج جي دفائي صلاحيت ۾ اضافو ٿي ويو آھي.