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A Tree That Can Withstand a Nuclear Attack

A Tree That Can Withstand a Nuclear Attack

There are many kinds of tress but you’ll be surprised that there is a kind of a Tree that can withstand even in Nuclear Attack.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the famous tree in the world of Medicine. This tree provides a great remedies. Experts believe that earlier this tree was only found in China but later on it was also planted in Korea and Japan. The tree has a great contribution in making of different kinds of medicines for different diseases. Even today, this tree has a great importance in producing many natural medicines.

The height of this tree is around 20-25 meters but some of them reached up to 50 meters as well. A documentary movie made on this tree has revealed many amazing discoveries. It has also been revealed that during Second World War when United States of America attacked on Hiroshima, around Six Ginkgo Biloba trees were there at a distance of around 1 kilometer. In this an interesting fact is, these 6 trees are from those some living beings which were found alive after the attack. Whereas, around all trees, plants and animals were died during the nuclear disaster. These trees were saved during the disaster and still are at their place.

اهڙو وڻ جنهن کي ايٽم بم به نقصان نه ٿو پهچائي سگهي

جنڪجو بلابا طب جي دنيا جو مشهور ترين وڻن مان آهي ماهرين جو خيال آهي ته هي ٻوٽو پهريون صرف چين ۾ ڏٺو ويندو آهي پر بعد ۾ ڪوريا ۽ جاپان ۾ به لڳايو ويو آهي. مختلف بيمارين جي علاج جي قديم نسخن ۾ هن جو ڪافي استعمال نظر ايندو آهي ۽ اڄڪلھ  به قدرتي دوائن ۾ تمام گهڻو استعمال ڪيو ويندو آهي. هن وڻ جو قد تقريبن 25-20 ميٽر هوندو  آهي پر ڪجھ وڻ 50 ميٽر تائين به پهتا آهن. ٻڌايو وڃي ٿو ته هي انتهائي نامناسب ماحول ۾ به واڌ جاري رکندو آهي. هن تي ٺاهي وڃڻ واري ڊاڪيومينٽري فلم ۾ حيرت انگيزانڪشاف ڪيا ويا آهن ته جڏهن ٻي جنگ عظيم ۾ آمريڪا جاپان جي شهر هيروشيما تي بم ڪيرايو ته دهماڪي جي جڳھ تي تقريبن هڪ ڪلو ميٽر جي فاصلي تي جنڪجو بلوبا جا 6 وڻ لڳل هيا. دلچسپ ڳالھ هي آهي ته ايٽمي دهماڪي کانپوءِ هي 6 وڻ ان چند جاندارن مان هيا جيڪي زنده بچي ويا هيا جڏهن ته ٻيا تقريبن سڀ وڻ، ٻوٽا ۽ جانور مري چڪا هيا. هي وڻ بچي ويا ۽ اڄ به پنهنجي جڳه تي هي قائم آهن



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