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After Music Atif Aslam set to be Actor

After Music Atif Aslam set to be Actor

Atif Aslam, after his successful career in singing will be watched on screens in Bollywood Movies

Calcutta: A Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam, who is considered to have a magical attraction in his voice while he sings. Atif Aslam has sung many hit songs in Pakistan as well as in India. After singing, for the first time Atif Aslam, will be watched on big screens being an actor in Bollywood Movies.

Atif Aslam who has won millions of hearts of his fans is currently in India. While talking to media he said that he has been offered from last couple of years but due to the busy schedules he was unable to come towards this industry. During the end of this year or next year his fans will see him doing acting in some of Indian Movie.

A Pakistan Singer who sung many super-hit songs including; Pehli Nazar Mein, Tu Janey Na, Who Lamhey, Aadat and Tere Bin. He achieved highest level of popularity in singing. This is not the first time that a 32 Years old Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam will be doing acting in any movie. Before that, he has also worked in Shoaib Mansoor’s Super-Hit Movie “Bol” in 2011. In that movie Shoaib Mansoor has highlighted the social and traditional glitches within Pakistan. Bol was his start in Movie Industry, in which Atif Aslam played a major role with Humaima Malik.

According to Atif Aslam, he has received numerous calls to work in Bollywood Movie but he has excused from working in those movies due to his busy schedules. Atif Aslam categorically, cleared that he has not signed any movie as yet, but he is interested to work in a Romanian Taunt based movie, whose story should be based between Singing and Love.

Atif Aslam is one of those youngster in Pakistan, who has achieved a highest level of Civilian Award Sitara-e-Imtiaz.


عاطف اسلم گلوڪاريءَ کانپوءِ ڀارت جي فلمن ۾ اداڪاري ڪندي ڏٺو ويندو

ڪلڪته: عاطف اسلم بولي ووڊ فلم انڊسٽري ۾ پنهنجي آواز جو جادو جڳائڻ وارو پاڪستاني گلوڪار عاطف اسلم هاڻي ڀارت جي فلم ۾ اداڪاري جا جوهر ڏيکاريندو. پنهنجي منفرد انداز ۾ گلوڪاري سان شائقين جي دلين ۾ گهر ڪرڻ وارو عاطف اسلم اڄڪلھ ڀارت ۾ هي موجود آهي ۽ ميڊيا سان ڳالهائيندي ان جو چوڻ هيو ته مون کي گذريل سالن کان ڀارت جي فلمن ۾ ڪم ڪرڻ جي پيشڪش ڪئي وڃي رهي هئي پر مصروفيت جي سبب هن ميدان ۾ قدم رکڻ جو موقعو نه مليو ۽ هاڻي ممڪن آهي ته هلندڙ سال جي اختتام يا 2016 جي شروع ۾ شائقين مون کي ڪنهن فلم ۾ اداڪاري ڪندي ڏسندا. پهلي نظر مين، تو جاني نا، وه لمحي، عادت ۽ تيري بن جهڙي شاهڪار گانن جي بدولت مقبوليت جي بلندين تي پهچڻ وارو 32 سالن جو عاطف اسلم جي لاءِ اداڪاري جو هي پهريون تجربو نه هوندو ان کان پهريون 2011 ۾ ريليز ٿيڻ واري شعيب منصور جي سماجي روين جي نشاندهي ڪندي پاڪستاني سپر هٽ فلم بول مان ان پنهنجو اداڪاري جي ڪيريئر جو آغاز ڪيو جنهن ۾ ان جي مقابلي ۾ عمائمه ملڪ مرڪزي ڪردار ادا ڪيو. ان وقت کان هاڻي تائين بقول عاطف جي ان وٽ بولي ووڊ کان اچڻ واريون آفرز جي بهرمار آهي پر مصروفيت جي سبب هو اداڪاري کان انڪار ڪندو رهيو. گلوڪار عاطف اسلم هن ڳالھ تي زور ڏنو ته ان ڪا فلم سائن نه ڪئي آهي پر هو طنزيه رومانوي فلم ۾ ڪم ڪرڻ جي دلچسپي رکي ٿوجنهنجي ڪهاڻي محبت ۽ موسيقي جي گرد گهمندي هجي. عاطف اسلم نوجوان نسل جي ان اداڪارن ۾ شامل آهي جن کي سيويلين ايوارڊ تمغو امتياز سان نوازيو ويو آهي

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