After reading it, you’ll never trash Mango Skin

LONDON: It is famous to be said that, “Mango is a king of fruits and even its kernel is of precious.” Recently a new research has been carried regarding mango, which has made mango even more precious. Earlier Mango Kernel was considered to be precious in whole mango, now its skin is also been considered to be precious.

Mango is considered to be a King of Fruits. Mango has many nutritional benefits within it. Recently, researchers revealed that mango skin is also very much useful. Researchers has carried a research to know the benefits of Mango Skin. Experts told that they have found such ingredients from the mango skin which are useful to prevent human body from different kinds of Cancer and Sugar. Mango Skin contain such ingredients which manage the molecules present within the body cells. These ingredients helps to control the overall cholesterol within a body, while same molecules helps in maintaining Sugar level within body. Mango skin also helps to reduce fat within a body.

Now a question which arises in everyone’s mind, that how one should eat Mango Skin?

According to the researchers, that one can eat a mango without its skin or it can be eaten to get mango pulps. They also said that one should keep that in mind that while making a Mango Shake or using it within different foods, they should not peel off the mango skin. While eating mango, one should eat the mango skin as well. By doing this it will help to strengthen the human body and it will also prevent the body from numerous different kinds of diseases.


هيءَ خبر پڙهڻ کانپوءِ توهان ڪڏهن به انب جون کلون ڦٽي نه ڪندو

لندن: ھيءَ چوڻي مشھور آھي ته ”انب ته انب پر کوکڙيءَ جو به اگھ“ پر انب جي متعلق نئين تحقيقات ھن چوڻيءَ کي بدلائي ڇڏيو آھي ۽ ھاڻي اُھا چوڻي ھينئن ھئڻ گھرجي ”انب ته انب پر کَلن جو به  اگھ“ ميوي جو بادشاھ ”انب“ جي غذائي فائدن کان ته سڀ ئي واقف آھن پر انب جي کَلَ به غِذا جي بي شمار فائدن جو حامل آھي. ماهرين انب جي کل جا فائدا ڄاڻڻ جي لاءِ تحقيق ڪئي آھي انھن جو چوڻ آھي ته انب جي کل مان  اھڙيون اجزاء حاصل ڪيون وينديون آھن جيڪي ڪيترن ئي قسمن جي ڪينسر ۽ شوگر کان محفوظ رکن ٿيون. انب جي کل ۾ موجود اجزاء انساني جسم  جي خليات ۾ موجود  ماليڪيولز کي منظم رکندا آھن جيڪي خون ۾ ڪولسٽرول جي  مقدار کي ڪنٽرول ڪندا آھن ۽ اھي ئي ماليڪيولز شگر جي سطح کي به مستحڪم رکندا آھن ۽ موٽاپي جي عمل کي به گھٽ ڪندا آھن. ھاڻي سوال اھو ٿو پيدا ٿئي ته انب جي کل کي ڪيئن کاڌو وڃي؟ ماهرن جو چوڻ آھي ته توھان انب کي کل جي بنا کائي سگهوٿا ۽ انب جي گُودي سان گڏ به کائي سگھو ٿا .انهن اهو به چيو آهي ته اسان کي ملڪ شيڪ ۽ ٻين کاڌن ۾ به انب استعمال ڪرڻ وقت انب جي کل نه لاهڻ گهرجي. توهان جڏهن انب کائو ته ان جي کل به ان سان گڏ کائو.ان سان توهان جو جسم مضبوط ٿيندو۽ توھان کي ڪيترن ئي قسمن جي بيمارين کان محفوظ رکندي.