Agencies made important developments about Safoora Incident

KARACHI: Pakistan Security Agencies has made some important developments regarding to the Karachi Safoora Incident. On Wednesday, an unknown gunmen opened firing on Ismaili Community bus.

After an incident, during the investigation, police found pamphlets on which a message of Daaish was given. Pakistani Security Agencies has countered the specific printing press and has arrested to some people for further investigations.

During the investigations, they’ve approached that some political party is involved in this attack. Further investigations are underway and it is believed that the pamphlets has been printed by some political party of Pakistan. Related to these developments, security agencies has narrowed the surroundings of that particular political party. Government and Security Agencies has decided to start a Grand Operation against that political party.

Before this operation, Pakistan Army targeted to the Political Leader to approach RAW for their help and took a strong action against the statement. In response to that particular action, Government wrote a letter to PEMRA, to regulate a policy, in which no one can violate the code of conduct against Pakistan and its security agencies.


سانحه ڪراچي، اھم پيش رفت ، خفيا ادارن اھم سراخ لڳائي ورتو

ڪراچي ۾ اسماعيلي برادري تي حملي کان پوءِ بس ۾ ملندڙ داعش جا پمفليٽ جي باري ۾ پاڪستان جي  خفيا ادارن ان پرنٽنگ پريس جو سراخ لڳائي ورتو ۽ ان کان پوءِ انھن ماڻھن تائين پھچڻ ۾ ڪامياب ٿي ويا آھن .

انھن جو تعلق ھڪ سياسي جماعت سان آھي جڏھن وڌيڪ تحقيقات ڪئي وئي ته ھي ڳالھ سامھون آئي ته اھي پمفليٽس ڪنھن سياسي جماعت پرنٽ ڪرايا ھئا. ان اھم پيش رفت کان پوءِ خفيه ادارن ان سياسي جماعت جي ارد گرد گھيرو تنگ ڪري ڇڏيو آھي ۽ ان سياسي جماعت جي خلاف گرانڊ آپريشن شروع ڪرڻ جو فيصلو ڪيو ويو آھي.

انکان پهريون به پاڪ فوج جي طرفان هڪ سياسي جماعت جي سربراه طرف ڀارتي خفيه اداري جي حمايت تي سخت ايڪشن ورتو ويو ھيو، جنھن جي نتيجي ۾ حڪومتِ پاڪستان پيمرا کي ھڪ خط لکيو ته ھو نِجي ٽي وي چينلز لاءِ ڪو ضابطه اخلاق جاري ڪري جنھن تحت ڪوئي ماڻھو يا جماعت پاڪستان ۽ ملڪي سيڪيورٽي جي خلاف ڪا ڳالھ يا خطاب نه ڪري سگھن.