All 3 Barrages of Sindh under Great Flood Threat

Due to constant increase in Flow of flood, all thee Barrages in Sindh have crossed the limit of water level. Guddu Barrage is currently under the highest level of flood by water level reached at 7,54,500 cusecs, while at Sukkur Barrage current flood level is 6,80,000 cusecs.

A continuous increase has been reported in Guddu Barrage. An upper flow has been recorded at 7,54,500 cusecs while a lower level flow has been recorded at 7,35,246 cusecs.

At Sukkur Barrage flow of water has been recorded at 6,80,830 cusecs / 6,43,500 cusecs.

At Koti Barrage flow of water has been recorded at 2,85,412 cusecs / 2,78,287 cusecs.

Due to continuous increase in flood, many of villages of Sindh have become under the water. On other hand Local officials has directed to the locals to move from rural areas towards urban areas to protect themselves.

At the point of Chashma, a flood of 6,60,000 cusecs has been entered into the River Indus, whereas at the point of Kalabagh, there is a massive flood on River Indus.