All Terrorism roots will be eliminated for Better Pakistan: Army Chief

Army Chief General Raheel Sharif put a stand to eliminate the terrorism from Pakistan from its roots and a New Pakistan will be provided to the new generation of Pakistan.

LAHORE: While addressing to the Doctor’s Convention at Lahore, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharrif expressed his vision and said that we all together will eliminate terrorism from Pakistan and will make a new prosperous and peaceful Pakistan. Terrorism will not be tolerated at any cost within Pakistan. Enemies will be defeated at all costs.

He further said that we have decided to eliminate the terrorism from Pakistan and it will not be tolerated at any cost. We’ll defeat Pakistan’s enemies at any cost. We’ll provide a better Pakistan to the New Generation of Pakistan.

دهشتگردي کي جڙ کان ختم ڪري پاڪستان جي نعين نسل کي نعون پاڪستان ڏيندا سي. آرمي چيف راحيل شريف

لاهور؛ چيف آف آرمي اسٽاف جنرل راحيل شريف ان عزم جو اظهار ڪيو ته اسان سڀ ملي ڪري دهشتگردي جو جڙ کان خاتمو ڪندا سين ۽ نعين نسل کي هڪ بهتر ۽ خوشحال پاڪستان ڏيندا سين. لاهور ۾ ڊاڪٽرز ايجوڪيشن جي تقريب سان خطاب ڪندي جنرل راحيل شريف چيو ته دهشت گردي کي جڙ کان ختم ڪرڻ جو فيصلو ڪيو آهي ۽ اچڻ واري وقت ۾ پاڪستاني نسل کي دهشتگردي کان پاڪ پاڪستان مهيا ڪندا سي.