Amir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan adopted Cat

MUMBAI: Bollywood Star Amir Khan’s love for animals is not hidden from anyone. He was breeding around 12 animals at his Pali Hill House.

Recently, Amir Khan saved a kitten, which he found in an injured condition. According to Sources, this Kitten get injured from Amir Khan’s vehicle, which he was unable to see that kitten. On finding Kitten injured, he took the kitten to home. He briefed the situation to his family members and friends. He was hopeful that someone will take a responsibility of that small kitten, but no one seems to take the responsibility. Afterwards, Amir Khan decided to cradle the kitten himself. Finally, his wish comes true when Amir Khan’s daughter decided to adopt the Kitten.

While asking about it, Amir Khan replied, that they love animals and the kitten has been adopted by Ira.