Ancient Grave Yard of Tando Muhammad Khan under sewage water

30000A Burhan Shah Grave Yard in Tando Muhammad Khan City has been drained into the sewage water from all the sides

TANDO MUHAMMAD KHAN: An ancient grave yard located in the city of Tando Muhammad Khan, has been drained under the sewage water from all sides. Many protests have been held against it, but no action has been taken from Municipal Committee as of yet.

Due to negligence of City Municipal Committee, grave yard is under the sewage water and water from all over the roads enters into the graveyard. Due to the sewage water within graveyard, locals are finding it very difficult to bring the dead bodies within the graveyard.

This is not the only issue within the city, but there are also many other sites throughout the city which are now just look like a garbage centers, which in result are creating many kinds of diseases.

ٽنڊو محمد خان شهر جو قديم قبرستان برهان شاھ چئني طرفن کان گندي پاڻي جي ور چڙهيل

ٽنڊو محمد خان: شهر جو قديم قبرستان برهان شاھ چئني طرفن کان گندي پاڻي جي ور چڙهيل آهي ۽ مختلف تنظيمن جي احتجاج جي باوجود ميونسپل انتظاميا اڃا تائين ڪو قدم نه کنيو آهي. جنهن جي ڪري قبرستان جي داخلي رستن تي شهر جو گندو پاڻي بيهجي ويو آهي. گندي پاڻي جي سبب قبرستان ۾ لاشن کي کڻي اچڻ ۾ مشڪل پيش اچي رهي آهي. ان کان علاوه به شهر جي مختلف علائقن ۾ گندگي جا ڍير لڳل آهن جنهن جي سبب بيمارين جو امڪان آهي