Another World Record of Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa has sent yet another World Record, which seems very hard to be achieved by anyone else.

ISLAMABAD: A tallest building of the world Burj Khalifa, which is located in United Arab Emirates has set another World Record. It seems that it is very hard to be broken by anyone else. In the building the lifts are installed, which provides the facilities to cover the distance from ground to the top most floor of the building. The distance which these lifts are covering from ground to top has more duration to be reached than reaching at the moon from the earth.

A total height of the building is around 828 meters and its lifts are continuously functional from last 5 years. An observatory desk located at the top of the building is on too much height and elevated area. In order to reach at observatory, one has to cover 124 floors of the building. These lifts has covered a distance of 384,400 Kms till today, which is a new World Record.

Two lifts of the building covers a distance of 244 Kms daily. Burj Khalifa has been awarded with 7 Guinness Book World Records including; world highest and largest observatory desk, world tallest building and Structures made within the building by humans.


برج خليفه هڪ ٻيو وڏو ريڪارڊ جنهن جو ٽٽڻ تقريبن ناممڪن

اسلام آباد: متحده امارات ۾ واقع دنيا جي بلند ترين عمارت برج خليفه هڪ ٻيو وڏو ريڪارڊ قائم ڪري ڇڏيو جنهن جو ٽٽڻ تقريبن ناممڪن نظر اچي رهيو آهي. هن وڏي عمارت ۾ لڳايل لفٽن هن جي بنياد کان وٺي چوٽي تائين جيڪو فاصلو طئي ڪيو آهي اهو زمين کان چنڊ تائين جي فاصلي کان به وڌيڪ ٿي چڪو آهي. عمارت جي بلندي 828 ميٽر آهي ۽ ان جون لفٽون پنجن سالن کان مسلسل هلي رهيون آهن. عمارت جي بلندي تي واقع آبزرويٽري ڊيڪ پنهنجي قسم جي بلند ۽ وڏي جڳھ آهي ۽ هن تي پهچڻ لاءِ لفٽون 124 منزلن جو سفر طئي ڪنديون آهن. هاڻي تائين هي لفٽس 384,400 ڪلو ميٽر کان به وڌيڪ فاصلو طئي ڪري چڪيون آهن جيڪو هڪ نئون ريڪارڊ آهي. عمارت جي بلندي تائين وڃڻ واري ٻه لفٽون روزانو سراسري 244 ڪلو ميٽر جو فاصلو طئي ڪنديون آهن. برج خليفه وٽ هن وقت ست گنيز ورلڊ ريڪارڊ آهن جنهن ۾ دنيا جي بلند ۽ وڏي آبزرويٽري ڊيڪ، دنيا جي وڏي عمارت ۽ انسان جا ٺاهيل دنيا جا وڏا اسٽرڪچر جا ورلڊ ريڪارڊ شامل آهن.