Apple flopped to make its product successful

NEW YORK: In the technological era, Apple is one of those companies, who has been remain successful for their innovations from the first. Apple has received a huge response for every of their product from the first day of release.

This time, Apple released it’s yet another new product of Smart Watch, whose response has been ridiculously declined in the market. By the release, the product was launched with the huge success and set a new record, but recently its sale has been declined upto 90%. During a month of April, company was able to sale around 2,00,000 smart watches a day, but recently a sale has been declined to even less than 2000 smart watches a day.

Market analysts believed that this kind of decline in sale of Apple’s smart watch is due to the reason that, market has already cheaper and economical smart watches available within the price range of $349.00, whereas Apple is still been able to launch its Gold Edition of smart watch, which is of $10,000.00. Company still has been able to sale around 2000 smart watches. According to Mac Rumors report, a market analyst predicted that Apple will be able to make a sale of around 24 Million Watches in 2016, but now they have also changed the numbers within their prediction and reduced the number and now it has been predicted that Apple might be able to sale around 21 Million watches by 2016.

On other hand, Apple’s iPhone has been seen with a huge increase in its sale continuously. As per Google Trends, internet surfers are searching more about Apple iPhone rather than Apple’s Smart Watch. According to an analyst Andrew Fergus, market has declined a need of Smart Phone and it seems that company will be able to make a sale of 5 Million to 10 Million watches during 2015 year.


ايپل کي وڏو جھٽڪو، جنھن پراڊڪٽ سان اميدون ھيون اھو ئي بري طرح سان فلاپ ٿي ويو

نيو يارڪ: جديد ٽيڪنالاجيءَ جي ميدان ۾ ايپل انھن ڪجھ ڪمپنين مان ھڪ آھي جنھن جيڪا به شيءِ ٺاھي اھا صارفين وڏي اڪثريت سانن پسند ڪئي. پر سمارٽ واچ جي معاملي ۾ ايپل کي ناڪاميءَ جو منھن ڏسڻو پيو. شروعات ۾ ته هن واچ جي وڪري به رڪارڊ قائم ڪيو، پر ھاڻي انھن جي وڪري ۾ 90 فيصد گھٽتائي ڏٺي وئي آھي. آمريڪا ۾ اپريل جي مھيني ۾ ھڪ ڏينھن ۾ تقريبن ٻه لک واچون وڪرو ٿيون، پر ھاڻي روزانو صرف ٻه ھزار جي لڳ ڀڳ ئي وڪرو ٿي رھيون آھن. حقيقت ته ھي آھي ته شروع ۾ ئي ايپل سمارٽ واچ جا انتھائي سستا ماڊل وڌيڪ تعداد ۾ وڪرو ٿيا جنھن جي قيمت ٽي سؤ اڻونجاھ ڊالر آھي. اڃا تائين ايپل واچ جي ڏَھَ ھزار ڊالر قيمت واري گولڊ ايڊيشن جون صرف ٻه ھزار واچون ئي وڪرو ٿي سگھيون آھن. ”مڪ رمرز“ جي رپورٽ جي مطابق ھڪ تجزيا ڪار پيش گوئي ڪئي ھئي ته 2016 ۾ ايپل جون چوويھ ملين واچون فروخت ٿينديون پر ھاڻي ان به پيش گوئيءَ تي نظر ثاني ڪندي ھي تعداد گھٽ ڪري ايڪيھ ملين ڪري ڇڏي آھي. ٻئي پاسي ايپل جي آئي فون  جي شھرت ۽ فروخت ۾ اضافو ٿي رھيو آھي، گوگل ٽرينڊز جي پاران به ٻڌايو ويو آھي ته صارفين انٽرنيٽ تي ايپل واچ کي گھٽ ۽ آئي فونز کي وڌيڪ ٿا سرچ ڪن. تجزيا ڪار اينڊي ھرگريوز جو چوڻ آھي ته مارڪيٽ جي اطلاعات مطابق ايپل سمارٽ واچ جي گھرج ۾ تيزيءَ سان گھٽتائي اچي رھي آھي  ۽ بظاھر لڳي رھيو آھي ته 2015 ۾ صرف پنج کان ڏھ ملين واچون ئي وڪرو ٿي سگھنديون.