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Apple launch of new app made hard time to its competitors

Apple launch of new app made hard time to its competitors

NEW YORK: Apple has recently launched a new application. The app has given such a very hard time to its competitors with the launch of this new application.

Apple users who love to stay tuned with Apple’s Music Application were in a wait to see a change in their music experience. Apple recently has introduced a new app. Apple announced to introduce its Music Streaming App a long time ago, which has finally been introduced for its users. The application has been named ‘APPLE MUSIC’. Company has set $9.99 as its price. Company has also introduced a family package of the application. On payment of $14.99 for the Family Pack, 6 users of the family can enjoy from this application.

The most interesting feature of the App is that, that it’ll provide the information about the new launch of a Music by itself. App has also been included with 24 Radio Stations as well and named them as ‘BEATS ONE’. The app is also included a social platform, where singers can chat with their fans and also they can response to their questions live. Through this app one can explore thousands of songs and listen them at the same time as well.

Apple Music is first of its kind of application that has been purchased through Jimmy Iovine and afterwards Apple has given him employment of high level. One of a high Official of Apple Company, Tim Cook during the introduction of the Application said that today Apple is going to launch its own Apple Music and its users will have a great time using this app. On this occasion, Jimmy Iovine said that, they have tried to provide all kind of Music Entertainment at one place, which was a dream of Music Lovers. While making of the app, it has been added with 24 Radio Stations, which will be providing their services 24/7.


ايپل نئين سروس متعارف ڪرائي ڇڏي ۽ وڏين وڏين ڪمپنين جي لاءِ خطري جي گِھنٽِي وڃائي ڇڏي

نيويارڪ: ايپل جي ميوزڪ ايپليڪيشن جا صارفين گھڻي وقت کان منتظر ھئا آخرڪار اھا متعارف ڪرائي ڇڏي. ايپل گھڻو وقت اڳ پنھنجي ميوزڪ سٽريمنگ متعارف ڪرائڻ جو اعلان ڪيو ھو. ھِن ايپليڪيشن جو نالو “ايپل ميوزڪ” رکيو ويو آھي ۽ آمريڪا ۾ ان جي قيمت 9.99 ڊالر مقرر ڪئي وئي آھي. سروس جو ھڪ فيملي پيڪج به متعارف ڪرايو ويو آھي جنھن جي تحت 14.99 ڊالر جي ادائگيءَ سان خاندان جا ڇَھَ ماڻھو ان سروس کان لطف اندوز ٿي سگھن ٿا. ايپليڪيشن جي خصوصيت اھا آھي ته ھي  پاڻ مُراد صارفين کي نئين گيتن جي متعلق آگاھ ڪندي. ان ۾ چوويھ ريڊيو اسٽيشنون به متعارف ڪرايون ويون آھن جنھن کي “بيٽس ون” جو نالو ڏنو ويو آھي.ان ۾ سوشل نيٽ ورڪ به موجود آھي جنھن تي گلوڪار پنھنجي شائقينن سان گفتگو به ڪري سگھن ٿا ۽ انھن جي سوالن جا جواب براھراست ڏئي سگھن ٿا. ان سروس ذريعي لکين گيت ٻُڌِجي ۽ ڳولھي سگھجن ٿا. ايپل ميوزڪ پھرين سروس آھي جيڪا ايپل جي غير متعلقه ماڻھو جمي اوين کان خريد ڪئي آھي . ايپل جمي اوين کان ھي ايپليڪيشن خريد ڪرڻ کان پوءِ جمي لوين کي ڪمپني ۾ اعلي عھدي جي ملازمت ڏني آھي. ايپل جي اعلي عھديدار ٽم ڪڪ ايپليڪيشن جي افتتاحي تقريب ۾ خطاب دوران چيو ته  اڄ اسان ايپل ميوزڪ جو افتتاح پيا ڪيون ان سروس کان صارفين تمام لطف اندوز ٿيندا . ان موقعي تي جمي اوين جو چوڻ ھو ته صارفين کي موسيقي جا اصناف ھڪ ئي ايپليڪيشن ۾ مھيا ڪري ڏنا پيا وڃن جيڪو موسيقي سان محبت ڪرڻ وارن جو خواب ھو. ان سروس ۾ چوويھ اھِڙيون ريڊيو اسٽيشنن جو انتخاب ڪيو ويو آھي جيڪي چوويھ ڪلاڪ نشريات پيش ڪنديون آھن.  

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