Mumbai: It’s been a long time that Bollywood’s dimple girl Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are in love with each other but these Bollywood Actors had always denied of it.

Recently, rumors of the engagement of both the actors is circulating all around there. It is very common to have love stories in Bollywood but some of these stories get colored with the reality of life. According to Indian Media reports, there is an affair between Deepika and Ranveer and finally they are about to get engaged with each other. Surprisingly, both of them have denied any such news in past and never expressed about their love ever before. On other hand, both have been seen together many times at many places. During IIFA Awards Ranveer Kapoor proposed Deepika Padukone by sitting on his knees. Everyone get surprised seeing such scene. Deepika Padukone’s family is also seems to be very happy with the relation and they wish that they should get engaged as soon as possible and should make their relation stronger.



دپيڪا ۽ رنوير جي مڱڻي جون خبرون زير گردش

ممبئي: بالي ووڊ جي ڊمپل گرل دپيڪا پڊوڪون ۽ شوخ مزاج اداڪار رنوير سنگھ  جي وچ ۾ گھڻي عرصي کان قربتون قائم آھن پر ٻنھي اداڪارن پنھنجي ان رشتي کان ھميشه ئي انڪار ڪيو آھي پر ھاڻي جلد ئي ٻنھي اسٽارز جي مڱڻي جون خبرون زير گردش آھن. بالي ووڊ ۾ پيار ۽ محبت ڪھاڻين جون خبرون ته عام ھونديون آھن پر ڪجھ ڪھاڻين کي ئي زندگي ۾ حقيقي رنگ ڏنو ويندو آھي. ڀارتي ميڊيا جي مطابق دپيڪا ۽ رنوير سنگھ جي طويل عرصي جي محبت کان پوءِ مڱڻي جون خبرون ٻڌڻ ۾ اچن پيون. جڏھن ته ٻنھي مان ڪڏھن به ڪنھن به پنھنجي ان تعلق جو اظھار نه ڪيو آھي پر انھن کي ڪيترين ئي جگھين تي گڏ ڏٺو ويو آھي. آئيفا ايوارڊ جي تقريب ۾ رنوير پنھنجي گوڏن تي ويھي دپيڪا سان محبت جو اظھار ڪيو جنھن تي دپيڪا سميت سڀ حيران رھجي ويا ھئا. ٻئي طرف ميڊيا جي رپورٽ مطابق ڊپيڪا پڊوڪون جي خاندان وارا به رنوير کان تمام خوش آھن ۽ انھن جي اھا خواھش آھي ته جلد کان جلد مڱڻي ڪري پنھنجي رشتي کي مضبوط بڻائين.