ATMs should not be out of Cash till Eid: State Bank

KARACHI: State Bank of Pakistan has issued a notification to all Government and Private Banks of Pakistan. As per the notification, it has been informed to all the banks that they should maintain excess amount of money within their ATMs during the month of Ramadan, till Eid-ul-Fitr.

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) strictly said that if any Bank ATM found out of cash or with any kind of issue, than strict action will be taken against that specific Bank. SBP has sent a notice to all Scheduled Banks of Pakistan in this regards that all banks should have enough amount of currency available during the month of Ramadan till Eid-ul-Fitr, so that people should not face any kind of problem during this time. State Bank of Pakistan has also directed all the Banks that no ATM machine should be out of order during this time. If there is any problem going on during this time-frame, than they should fix those problems within 48 hours. After the deadline strict actions will be taken against that particular bank, if any of ATM found out of order.


اسٽيٽ بينڪ آف پاڪستان جي تمام بينڪن کي عيد تائين پنھنجي اي ٽي ايم ۾ وافر رقم رکڻ جي ھدايت

ڪراچي: اسٽيٽ بينڪ آف پاڪستان تمام بينڪن کي ھدايت ڪري ڇڏي آھي ته پنھنجي اي ٽي ايمز ۾ وافر ڪرنسي رکن، نه ته ٻئي صورت ۾ بينڪن جي خلاف ڪاروائي ڪئي ويندي. بينڪ دولت پاڪستان تمام شيڊولڊ بينڪن کي ھدايت ڪئي آھي  ته ھو رمضان جي مھيني کان وٺي عيدالفطر تائين پنھنجي پنھنجي بينڪن جي اي ٽي ايم مشينن ۾ ڪرنسيءَ جو وافر مقدار رکن ته جيئن عيدالفطر تائين ماڻهن کي پيسا ڪڍرائڻ  وقت ڪنھن به قسم جي ڏکيائيءَ يا پريشانيءَ کي منهن نه ڏيڻو پوي. تمام بينڪن کي اھو به حڪم ڏنو ويو آھي ته ھو تمام خراب مشينن کي اَٺيتاليھن ڪلاڪن ۾ درست ڪرائي درست حالت ۾ آڻن، نه ته انھن جي خلاف سخت ترين ڪاروائي ڪئي ويندي ۽ ان ڏوهه ۾ ڪا به رعايت نه ڪئي ويندي.