Australian Cricketer Finch taken to hospital

During the past year, many cricket players have been died due to the ball hit. Same has happened on last Monday. Australian Cricketer was taken to hospital when he was hit by a ball while playing.

According to the reports, Aaron Finch was playing for Yorkshire’s 2nd XI and against to the Worcestershire seconds. The match was played at Barnt Green Stadium located at the south of Birmingham. Finch was injured, while he was facing Chris Russell’s fast bowling bouncer. Finch wanted to play a pull shot, which he was not succeeded and ball was hit on his chest.

Visibly Finch seemed to be alright, but after splitting up blood, Finch was sent to the hospital immediately. While in the hospital he was gone through with several tests and x-rays, in order to know the severity of the injury. As per Yorkshire’s spokesman, Finch is out of any kind of danger and he has no need to stay at hospital anymore. Additionally, he added that he cannot play in this series for now. Afterwards, Finch went back to Leads. Further severity of injury will be revealed once the final reports will be received by the hospital.


آسٽريلوي اوپنر آرون فنچ سيني ۾ بال لڳڻ سبب اسپتال پھچي ويو 

ڪرڪٽ ۾ گذريل ھڪ سال جي دوران ڪيترائي رانديگر بال لڳڻ سبب مَري چڪا آھن. هن سومر تي به ھڪ اھڙي ئي واقعي ۾ آسٽريلوي اوپنرايرون فنچ سيني ۾ بال لڳڻ سبب اسپتال وڃي پھتو. ملندڙ تفصلاتن موجب فنچ يارڪشائر سيڪنڊ اليون جي طرفان ووسيسٽرشائر جي خلاف کيڏي رهيو هيو. ميچ برمنگھم جي ڏکڻ ۾ واقع بارٽ گرين اسٽيڊيم ۾ کيڏو پيو وڃي. جنهن دوران آرون فنچ فاسٽ بالر ڪرس رسل جي هڪ بائونسر کي پل ڪرڻ جي ڪوشش ڪئي، جنهن ۾ هو ناڪام رهيو ۽ بال وڃي هن جي سيني تي لڳو. بظاهر ته بظاھر ته فنچ ٺيڪ نظر آيو، پر جڏھن ان جي وات مان رت آيو ته فوري طور تي انھن کي اسپتال ڏانھن منتقل ڪيو ويو، جتي ڊاڪٽرن هن جي زخمن جي نوعيت ڄاڻڻ جي لاءِ ڪيتريون ئي ٽيسٽون ۽ ايڪسريز ڪيا. يار ڪشائر جي ترجمان پاران جاري ڪيل بيان مطابق فنچ جي طبيعت ڪافي حد تائين سنڀلجي وئي آھي ۽ انھن کي وڌيڪ اسپتال ۾ ترسڻ جي ضرورت به پيش نه آئي. انھن جو وڌيڪ اھو چوڻ ھو ته فنچ وڌيڪ ھن ميچ ۾ حصو نه وٺندو. جنهن کانپوءِ فنچ ليڊز واپس هلي ويو. باقي انھن جي صحت جي باري ۾ صحيح اندازو ته انھن جي آخري رپورٽس اچڻ کان پوءِ ئي لڳايو ويندو.