AXACT rescued from a big threat

ISLAMABAD: According to the reports, four of Axact’s bank accounts from 34 bank accounts were not found in any Money Laundering. According to a Private TV Channel statement that FIA has cleared four bank accounts of Axact from 34 bank accounts.

The decision was made after the Commercial Banking Circle Company cleared these four accounts from any kind of money laundering been done within these accounts. All these four accounts were opened in a three different branches of same bank. These accounts contains a deposit of 10 rupees to 1 million. These bank accounts shows that money was never been transferred through these four accounts to any foreign accounts.

According to the FIA Sources, they have launched the case against the owner of Axact Company under the money laundering act 3 and 4. FIA is still investigating rest 30 accounts for further fact findings.


ايگزيڪٽ وارا بَچِي نِڪتا

اسلام آباد: ايگزيڪٽ جي چوٽِيھَنِ اڪائونٽس مان چار اڪائونٽس ۾ مَني لانڊرنگ ثابت نه ٿي سگھي. نِجي ٽي ، ايف بي آر جي ذريعن کي ٻڌايو ته ڪمرشل بينڪنگ سرڪل ڪمپني جي چار اڪائونٽس کي  مَني لانڊرنگ جي حوالي سان ڪليئر قرار ڏنو آھي. ھِي چارئي اڪائونٽ ايگزيڪٽ جي نالي تي ھِڪ ئي بينڪ جي ٽِنِ مختلف برانچن ۾ کوليا ويا ھئا جِنِ ۾ ڏَھَ رپين کان ڏَھَ لکن تائين رقم موجود آھي. اڪائونٽس جي رڪارڊ مان اِھو صاف ظاھر آھي ته انھن اڪائونٽس مان ڪڏھن به رقم ٻاھرين ملڪ منتقل نه ڪئي وئي.ايف آئي اي جي ذريعن جي مطابق ايگزيڪٽ جي مالڪ شعيب احمد شيخ جي خلاف درج مقدمي ۾  مَني لانڊرنگ جي ايڪٽ جي دفعه ٽي ۽ چار عائد ڪئي وئي ۽ الزامات کي ثابت ڪرڻ جي لاءِ  ٻِيَنِ  ٽِيھَنِ اڪائونٽس جي جاچ پڙتال جاري آھي.