Babar Ghori Marriage Hall Destroyed under Illegal Possession

During legal actions against illegal possessions in Karachi, a Marriage Hall of main Political Personality was destroyed.

KARACHI: A Legal Operation was conducted against illegal possessions in Karachi’s Area Nazimabad by Ministry of Local Bodies. During the operation, officials destroyed a Marriage Hall of a main Political Personality.

According to sources, Local Body ministry has destroyed the marriage hall and four other lawns which were under illegal possessions at Five Star Chowrangi of Nazimabad Area in Karachi.

As per the management of Hall, the hall was not built under any Park or Playground. It was a private plot, whose owner is outside the country these days.

Source told that the destroyed Marriage Hall “Florence” was a property of MQM leader Mr. Babar Ghori. MQM workers also started gathering at the hall’s venue. MQM will release its official statement on it very soon.


ڪراچي ۾ غير قانوني قبضن خلاف آپريشن جي دوران اهم سياسي شخصيت جو شادي هال ڊاهيو ويو

ڪراچي: سنڌ جي بلدياتي وزارت ناظم آباد ۾  غير قانوني قبضن جي خلاف آپريشن ڪندي اهم  سياسي شخصيت جو شادي هال ڊاهي ڇڏيو. ذرائع جي مطابق بلديه جي وزارت ناظم آباد جي علائقي فائيو اسٽار چورنگي تي قبضن خلاف آپريشن ڪندي شادي هال ۽ چار لان ڊاهي ڇڏيا. هال جي انتظاميا مطابق شادي هال ڪنهن پارڪ يا  راند جي ميدان تي تعمير نه ڪيو ويو هيو هي هڪ ذاتي پلاٽ آهي جنهن جو مالڪ هن وقت ٻاهرين ملڪ ۾ موجود آهي. ذرائع جو چوڻ آهي ته ڊاٿل شادي هال فلورينس ايم ڪيو ايم جي رهنما بابر غوري جي ملڪيت آهي جڏهن ته ايم ڪيو ايم جا ڪارڪن به هال جي ٻاهر پهچڻ شروع ٿي ويا آهن ۽ متحده جي طرفان هال کي ڊاهڻ تي باضابطو بيان جاري ڪيو ويندو