Bahria Town to provide free houses to poor people

KARACHI: Business tycoon Malik Riaz, an owner of Bahria Town has announced to distribute free homes for poor people for free.

Malik Riaz while talking to media said that every year he’ll provide around 1000 free homes to the poor and needy people of Pakistan. Mr. Malik further said that Bahria Town has always remained one step ahead to serve the country and it is one more step towards the betterment for the people of Pakistan.

Malik Riaz has announced to provide free homes to those who have lower incomes. Registration forms for the homes will be provided for free, whereas in newspaper a cost of form has been described to be Rs. 500/-. Malik Riaz said that there is no fees of form and the advertisement has made a mistake in it.

Malik Riaz said that people should stay away from such people, because company has not still printed the forms, so how it is possible to circulate the money on the forms. Malik Riaz told that in the scheme, poor people with lower incomes will be provided free homes within Bahria Town Karachi. In the scheme of free homes, persons those who have a monthly income less than 20,000/- will be given an apartment. Where the total number of Apartments will be 1000 during first year. Other than that, Bahria Town will bear a cost of treatments for such families and education of one child will be the responsibility of Bahria Town.


بحريه ٽائون جو گهٽ آمدني وارن جي لاءِ مفت گهر جو اعلان

ڪراچي: بحريه ٽائون جي سربراھ ملڪ رياض عوامي خدمت ۾ هميشه هڪ قدم اڳتي رهيو آهي، ان جي قابل ۽ فخر وارن ڪارنامن ۾ هڪ ٻيو ڪارنامي جو اضافو ٿي ويو. ان گهٽ آمدني وارن جي لاءِ مفت گهر ڏيڻ جو اعلان ڪيو آهي. چيئرمين بحريا ٽائون ملڪ رياض گهٽ آمدني وارن جي لاءِ مفت گهر ڏيڻ جو اعلان ڪيو آهي هن گهر جا فارم مفت ڏنا ويندا پر اخبار ۾ شايع اشتهار ۾ فارم جي قيمت پنج سو روپيه ٻڌائي وئي آهي جيڪا غلط آهي جڏهن ته ملڪ رياض به هن باري ۾ وضاحت ڪري ڇڏي. ملڪ رياض جو چوڻ آهي ته عوام مفاد پرستن کان هوشيار رهي. اڃا فارم پرنٽ هي نه ٿيا آهن ته وڪرو ڪيئن ٿيڻ لڳا. ان ٻڌايو ته هن اسڪيم جي تحت غريبن کي مفت گهر بحريه ٽائون ڪراچي ۾ ڏنا ويندا. بحريا ٽائون جي مفت گهر اسڪيم جي تحت مهينو ٻه هزار روپيي کان گهٽ آمدني وارن جي لاءِ هڪ هزار فليٽ ڏنا ويندا. هن کان علاوه هر خاندان جي لاءِ علاج مفت هوندو ۽ هڪ ٻار جي پڙهائي جو خرچ به بحريه کڻندو.