A Hollywood Couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner has announced that they both are getting divorced. During announcement, they said that they’ve taken this very hard decision of their life and come to a conclusion to take Divorce.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got married with each other in 2005 and they have 3 kids. In a statement they said that, they have taken this step with mutual understanding and they still have love and friendship with each other. They further said that they will take care of their kids together.

A 42 years old Ben Affleck is ready to take off with his new upcoming movie “Batman vs Superman”, in which he is playing a role of Batman. Ben Affleck has been starred for both Acting and Direction of different movies. In 1997, Ben Affleck won his first Oscar Award for his movie “Goodwill Hunting”, while in 2013 he won another Oscar Award for the movie “Argo”. In this movie, Ben played a role of an Actor as well as he was a Director of a movie.

Jennifer Garner has won a Golden Globe Award for her TV Series “ALIAS”, in which she has played a role of CIA Agent. According to some close friends of a Hollywood Couple, a decision of divorce has been taken in a very friendly environment.


بين ايفلڪ ۽ جينيفر گارنر جي طلاق  

ھالي ووڊ جوڙي بين ايفلڪ ۽ جينيفر گارنر پنهنجي طلاق  جو اعلان ڪندي چيو آھي ته انھن  پنھنجي ازدواجي رشتي کي ختم ڪندي ”طلاق“ جو ھڪ مشڪل فيصلو ڪيو آھي. اداڪار بين ايفلڪ ۽  اداڪارا جينيفر گارنر 2005 ۾ شادي ڪئي ۽ انھن جا ٽَي ٻار آھن. انھن ھڪ بيان ۾ چيو آھي ته اسان ھڪ ٻئي جي لاءِ دوستي ۽ محبت قائم رکندي ھيءُ قدم کڻي رھيا آھيون ۽ پنهنجن ٻارن کي ملي ڪري پاليندا سين. 42 سالن جو بين ايفلڪ  پنھنجي ايندڙ نئين فلم ”بيٽ مين ورسز سپر مين“  ۾ بيٽ مين جو ڪردار نڀائيندو، جڏھن ته جينيفر گارنر به ھالي ووڊ جي مشھور اداڪارا آھي. بين ايفلڪ اداڪاري ۽ ھدايتڪاريءَ جي ٻنھي شعبن ۾ ڪاميابي حاصل ڪري چڪو آھي، انھن سَن 1997 ۾ ”گڊ ول ھنٽنگ“ جي لاءِ آسڪر ايوارڊ حاصل ڪيو ھو. انھن جو ٻيو آسڪر ايوارڊ سَن 2013 ۾ فلم ”آرگو“ تي مليو، جنھن ۾ انھن اداڪاريءَ سان گڏ ھدايتڪاريءَ جو جوھر به ڏيکاريو. جينيفر گارنر به ٽي وي سيريز ”ايلياس“ ۾ سي آئي ايجنٽ جي ڪردار تي گولڊن گلوب ايوارڊ حاصل ڪري چڪي آھي. ان فلمي جوڙي جي ويجھي ذريعن جو چوڻ آھي ته طلاق جو فيصلو هڪ سٺي ماحول ۾ ڪيو ويو آھي.