Bill Gates Predictions which found to be True

بل گيٽس جون اهي پيشنگوئيون، جيڪي سچ ثابت ٿيون

WASHINGTON: In 1999, a found of Microsoft Bill Gates wrote a Book “Business @ the Speed of Thought”. In a book, Mr. Gates made some bold statements, which have been turned to be true in today’s time.

واشنگٽن: ۱۹۹۹ ۾ مائڪرو سوفٽ جي باني بل گيٽس جي ڪتاب “ڪاروبار@خيالات جي رفتار” جي عنوان سان شايع ٿي، ان ڪتاب ۾ انھن ڪجھ جراَت مندانه انداز ۾ ڪجھ  پيشنگوئيون ڪيون ھيون ، ۽ انھن مان اڪثر سچ ٿي چڪيون آھن.

  1. Price Comparison WebsitesBill Gates Predictions which found to be True

Bill Gates Predicted within his book, that the time will come when there will be a website, that will be used to compare the prices of different things. Today, it has been turned to be true.

Now, there are around 1000’s of websites available all around the world, where one can get different comparisons of various things. People can also explore different comparisons and purchase different things through these websites.

قيمتن جو جائزو وٺڻ واري ويب سائيٽ

 بل گيٽس  چيو ھيو ته ڪجھ سالن ۾ قيمتن جو جائزو وٺڻ واري ويب سائيٽ تيار ڪئي ويندي ۽ اڄ اھو سچ ٿي چڪو آھي. ھاڻي اھڙيون ڪيتريون ئي ويب سائٽون موجود آھن، جن تي پنھنجي گھربل شينِ جي قيمتن جو جائزو وٺي سگھجي ٿو ۽ اھڙيءَ طرح توھان گھٽ کان گھٽ قيمت ۾ پنھنجي پسنديده  شيءِ جو انتخاب ڪري سگھو ٿا.

  1. Mobile DevicesBill Gates Predictions which found to be True

Bill Gates predicted that one day will come that such devices will be invented that people will be able to read the latest news and updates without computers. People can purchase their air tickets through these devices. People will even be able to do shopping through these devices.

Today it has turned to be true, that Billions of people are using Smartphones all-around the world.

موبائل ڊوائسز

  بل گيٽس  چيو ھيو ته اھڙي ڊوائسز تيار ڪئي ويندي جنھن جي ذريعي ماڻھن کي ڪمپيوٽر کان بغير ھر قسم جون خبرون ملنديون. ھو پنھنجي جهاز جي ٽڪيٽن جي بڪنگ هن ڊوائسز جي ذريعي ئي ڪري سگھندا، ايتري تائين جو ان جي ذريعي شاپنگ به ڪري سگھبي.

اڄ سمارٽ فون جي صورت ۾ اھا ئي  ڊوائس دنيا ۾ ڪروڙين ماڻھن جي زير استعمال آھي.

  1. Faster Payments and Online HealthcareBill Gates Predictions which found to be True

Bill Gates predicted that the time will come that people will not only be able to pay their Bills online but also will be able to consult with their Doctors. Today science is not still that much advanced in field of Healthcare but it is getting its growth very rapidly. Still even today, there are many website available that provide a medium to consult with their doctors.

Similarly, one can obtain Financial Funds online through Lending Clubs and also can make payments through Online Portals.

فوري ادائگي

  بل گيٽس  چيو ھيو ته ھڪ ڏينھن اھڙو ايندو جو ماڻھو نه صرف پنھنجا بل آن لائن ادا ڪندا، پر ڊاڪٽرن سان به آن لائن مشورو ڪري سگھندا.

صحت جي سار سنڀال جي  حوالي سان ٽيڪنالاجي ۾ ايتري وڏي تبديلي  ته نه آھي، تڏھن به ڪجھ اھڙيون ويب سائيٽون  موجود آھن جتي ڊاڪٽرن سان رابطو ڪري سگھجي ٿو.

اھڙيءَ طرح لينڊنگ ڪلب جي سائٽس جي ذريعي آن لائن رقم به حاصل ڪري سگھجي ٿي.


  1. Online Home SurveillanceBill Gates Predictions which found to be True

This Prediction made by Bill Gates has also been turned to be true and this facility is also available today.

Today, one can monitor every moment through Surveillance Cameras at their homes or places where people want to investigate the moments. One can get these facilities online as well and can monitor the activities through an Online System.

آن لائن گھر تي نظر

بل گيٽس  جي اھا پيشنگوئي به پوري ٿي وئي آھي ۽ اڄ اھا سھولت به موجود آھي، ته توھان پنھنجي گھر يا ضروري جڳھين تي ويب ڪيم جي ذريعي  ان جي مسلسل فوٽيج حاصل ڪري سگھو ٿا، ھي سھولت آن لائن به دستياب آھي.


  1. Social MediaBill Gates Predictions which found to be True

According to the Prediction of Bill Gates, that such website will be developed that will be used to get in touch with friends, relatives and other colleagues. These platforms will make them in contact all the time. One can talk through this website and can organize any kind of events through this website.

Today there are 1000’s of such platforms available including, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and Instagram.


سوشل ميڊيا

 بل گيٽس چيو ھيو ته اھڙي  ويب سائيٽ تيار ڪئي ويندي جنھن جي ذريعي توھان پنھنجي دوستن، مائٽن ۽ ڄاڻ وارن سان ھر وقت رابطي ۾ رھي سگھندؤ، انھن سان ڳالھ ٻولھ ڪري سگھندؤ، ڪنهن به قسم جي تقريب جي منصوبا بندي ڪري سگھندؤ.

اڄ فيس بڪ، واٽس اپ، وائبر۽ انسٽا گرام جي صورت ۾ ھي سھولتون موجود آھن.

  1. Online Job PortalsBill Gates Predictions which found to be True

Bill Gates also predicted about the Online Job Portals, which has been turned to be true in shape of Online Job Portal Websites.

Nowadays, people can get Job information through these online job portals and also can submit their applications for available vacancies.

آن لائن جاب پورٽل

آن لائن جاب پورٽل جي لاءِ به  بل گيٽس  پيشنگوئي ڪئي ھئي، جيڪي اڄ آن لائن جاب ويب سائٽس جي طور تي اسان جي سامھون آھن. هاڻي ملازمتن جي معلومات به آن لائن ملي سگھي ٿي ۽ آن لائن ئي ملازمت جي لاءِ درخواست به ڏئي سگھون ٿا.