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Bollywood Actors who faced legal trails

Bollywood Actors who faced legal trails

Bollywood Actors who faced legal trails

بالي ووڊ جا اھي مشھور اداڪار جن کي مقدمن جو سامنو ڪرڻو پيو

Everyone would have seen Bollywood Stars in different court trials, who had been imprisoned in Bollywood Movies. There are some Actors who have been into many legal trials in real life. Some top Bollywood Stars not only have faced legal trials, but also have been sentenced for imprisonment as well.

بالي ووڊ اسٽارز کي فلمن ۾ ته مختلف مقدمن جو سامنو ڪندي ۽ جيل ويندي ته سڀني ڏٺو ھوندو پر ڪجھ اداڪارن سان ائين حقيقي زندگيءَ ۾ به ٿي چڪو آھي. ڪجھ مشھور اداڪارن کي نه صرف مقدمن جو سامنو ڪرڻو پيو پر ڪجھ ته جيل جو سير به ڪري آيا آھن.

  1. Sunjay Dutt

Bollywood’s Munna Bhai has now been an identity in Bollywood. Due to his acting, he has been always counted as top rated Bollywood Actor.

Sunjay Dutt has made many super-hit movies, in which he has been imprisoned in his acting. His real life is not less than any kind of Movie Story. Sunjay Dut not only been into many legal trials but he is imprisoned these days and completing his imprisonment in some legal charges.

In 1993, Supreme Court sentenced Sunjay Dutt imprisonment of 5 years in criminal charges to hide the weapons, which were used during the Bomb Blast in 1993. He is still in Jail and completing his imprisonment in Yervada Jail Pune.

      سنجي دت

بالي ووڊ جي منا ڀائي سنجي دت جو نالو ڀارتي فلم انڊسٽريءَ جي پھچان بڻجي چڪو آھي، ۽ ان جو شمار ڀارت جي صف ۾ اول درجي جي ادارن ۾ ڪيو ويندو آھي.

بالي ووڊ جي ڪيترين ئي مشھور فلمن ۾ مقدمن ۽ جيل جي ھوا کائڻ واري سنجي دت جي حقيقي زندگي به ڪنھن فلم جي ڪھاڻي کان گھٽ نه آھي. سنجي دت نه صرف اڄ تائين ڪيترن ئي مقدمن کي منهن ڏئي چڪو آهي پر هو اڄڪلھ به جيل جي هوا کائي رهيو آهي.

ڀارتي سپريم ڪورٽ سنجي دت کي ۱۹۹۳ جي بم ڌماڪن ۾ ملوث دهشتگردن جو اسلحو گھر ۾ لڪائڻ جي جرم ۾ پنجن سالن جي قيد جي سزا ڏني وئي هئي  ۽ اڄڪلھ پنھنجي سزا پونا جي يرواڊا جيل ۾ مڪمل ڪري رھيو آھي.

  1. Salman Khan

In Bollywood Industry, Salman Khan is known as “Dabbang Khan”. Salman Khan has a unique identity in Bollywood industry. He is released many super-hit movies in Bollywood Industry. Salman Khan’s real life is not less than any kind of Bollywood Movie’s story, in which sometimes his rumors about doing violence due to his girlfriend and sometimes he is on hot news due to his legal trials.

Salman Khan, who have played a role full with Action and Romance in his movies “Dabbang” and “Wanted”. He played a role of Police Officer in these movies, in which Salman Khan is not willing to bring criminals into the courts but in reality, he used to visit court in his daily life routinely due to his legal charges.

A famous legal case on Salman Khan, is a case of year 2002, when he was drunk and he drove his car on a footpath. Leading dead to one person while 3 were injured. Another legal case on Salman Khan was charged in 1998, when he was hunting illegally a black dear at Jodhpur. He was carrying illegal weapon. Both these cases are underway in Indian Local Courts.

سلمان خان

بالي ووڊ دبنگ اسٽار سلمان خان فلم انڊسٽريءَ ۾ منفرد مقام رکي ٿو. فلم انڊسٽريءَ کي ڪيتريون ئي سپر ھٽ فلمون ڏيڻ واري سلمان خان جي حقيقي زندگي به فلمي ڪھاڻين وانگر آھي، ڪڏھن پنھنجي معشوق جي وجھه سان خبرن جي زينت بڻيو رھندو آھي ته  ڪڏھن پنھنجي مقدمن جي ڪري سرخين ۾ پنھنجي جڳھ ٺاھيندو رهندو آهي.

ايڪشن ۽ رومانس سان ڀرپور فلم “دبنگ” ۽ “وانٽڊ” ۾ پوليس آفيسر جو ڪردار ادا ڪرڻ وارو سلمان خان فلمن ۾ ته مجرمن کي عدالت ۾ پيش ڪرڻ کان ڪترائيندو آھي پر حقيقي زندگي ۾ اڄ ڪلھ  پاڻ عدالت جا چڪر ڪاٽي رھيو آھي.

سلمان خان تي دائر مشھور مقدمو ۲۰۰۲ ۾ رات جي وقت نشي جي حالت ۾ فٽ پاٿ تي گاڏي چاڙھي ھڪ ماڻھوءَ کي فوت ۽ ٽن ماڻھن کي زخمي ڪرڻ جو آھي.

جڏھن ته ٻيو مقدمو ۱۹۹۸ ۾ جوڌپور ۾ ڪاري ھرڻ جو غير قانوني شڪار ۽ غير قانوني اسلحي  جي متعلق آھي. سلمان خان جا اهي ٽئي ڪيس انڊيا جي مقامي عدالتن ۾ جاري آهن.

  1. Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is known as King of Bollywood Industry. He is popular for his Romantic acting. Due to his creative acting, he has a unique identity in Bollywood and have a great place all over the world.

Even Bollywood King is a victim of Legal Trials. Few days back a case has been lodged against Shahrukh Khan. The case has been lodged due to a threatening behavior with Security Guard and using abusive language infront of children during a match of Indian Premier League 2012. Court has decided to lodge a case against him.

شاھ رخ خان 

ڀارتي فلم انڊسٽري جي بادشاھ ۽ رومانوي ھيرو شاھ رخ خان ڪنھن تعارف جو محتاج ناھي، ھو پنھنجي  جاندار اداڪاري جي ڪري  بالي ووڊ جي پھچان آھي ۽  دنيا ۾ منفرد مقام ٿو رکي.

بالي ووڊ جو ڪنگ به مقدمن جي آڙ کان بچي نه سگھيو، گذريل ڏينھن ۾ ممبئي جي مقامي عدالت  ۾ آئي پي ايل ۲۰۱۲جي ميچ جي دوران سڪيورٽي گارڊ جي خلاف ڌمڪي آميز رويو اختيار ڪرڻ ۽ ٻارن جي سامھون غلط ڳالھائڻ تي شاھ رخ خان جي خلاف ۲ سال بعد مقدمو درج ڪرڻ جو حڪم ڏنو.

  1. John Abraham

A Bollywood Movie “Dhoom” hero John Abraham, who touches the skies in his movie is also convicted a criminal activity. He is famous for his high speed bike racing in the movie. John not only speeds in the movie but also he is really in speed in real life. Due to that speed he is facing some difficult time in his life. In 2009, John Abraham injured 2 persons due to biking at a high speed. Police has lodged a case against him. Mumbai court charged John 15 days imprisonment and 1500 Rupees as a fine.

جان ابراھم

بالي ووڊ فلم “ڌوم” ۾ شھرت جي بلندين تي پھچڻ وارو جان ابراھم  به مقدمي جي حوالي سان ڪنھن کان پوئتي ناھي. فلم ۾ تيز رفتار موٽر سائيڪل ھلائڻ وارو جان ابراھم حقيقي زندگي ۾ به تيز رفتار جي باعث مشڪل ۾ ڦاٿل آهي.

۲۰۰۶ ۾ جان ابراھم پنھنجي تيز رفتار موٽر سائيڪل جي ڪري ٻن ماڻھن کي زخمي ڪري ڇڏيو ھو. جنھن تي پوليس تيز رفتاري جو مقدمو درج ڪيو ھو، ممبئي جي عدالت جان ابراھم کي ۱۵ ڏينھن قيد ۽ ڏيڍ ھزار جرماني جي سزا ڏني.

  1. Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan is known as one of the tallest Bollywood Actor. His movies are completely full of Action. Just like his movies, his life is also full of actions.

There are many legal cases lodged against him due to his fights and making violence. His famous case lodged is of hunting black deer illegally at Jodhpur in 1998. Whereas other famous case against him is of fight in Taj Mehal Hotel.

سيف علي خان

سيف علي خان بالي ووڊ ۾ قدآور شخصيت طور تصور ڪيو ويندو آھي. ايڪشن فلمن ۾ جاندار اداڪاري ڪرڻ وارو اداڪار حقيقي زندگي ۾ به ڀرپور ايڪشن ۾ نظر ايندو آھي.

سيف علي خان تي مارڪٽ ۽ جھڳڙن جا ڪيترا ئي مقدمه درج ٿيل آهن. بالي ووڊ اسٽار تي مشھور مقدمو ۱۹۹۸ ۾ جوڌپور ۾ ڪاري ھرڻ جي شڪار جو درج ٿيل آھي، جڏھن ته ٻيو مقدمو ممبئي جي مشھور تاج محل  ھوٽل ۾ جھڳڙو ۽ مارڪٽ جو درج ٿيل آھي.

  1. Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan is also not behind from his Bollywood friends in making the legal trials.

Fardeen Khan has been charged twice for purchasing of Heroin. In 2001, he was imprisoned, while he was caught purchasing Heroin. Even after completing his imprisonment, he is not been reformed and again he was convicted in purchasing of Heroin and was caught in 2010 again.

فردين خان

بالي ووڊ اداڪار فردين خان به قانوني مقدمن جي حوالي سان پنھنجي ٻين ساٿين کان پوئتي نه آهي.

فردين خان ٻه دفعا ھيروئن خريد ڪرڻ جي الزام ۾  پڪڙيو ويو آھي.

۲۰۰۱ ۾ به ھيروئن خريد ڪرڻ جي ڪوشش ۾ ٿاڻي جي ھوا کائڻي پئي، جڏھن ته ان مقدمي مان آزاد ٿيڻ کانپوءِ به  نه سڌريو ۽ ۲۰۱۰ ۾ ھڪ دفعو ٻيھر ھيروئن خريد ڪرڻ جي الزام ۾ پڪڙيو ويو.

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