Buried under the Snow after hearing a very loud voice

Due to the recent Earthquake of Nepal, a world’s highest mountain peak became a worst victim of history.

According to the Nepal’s Mountaineering Department, around 17 people including Mountaineering have been reported to be dead due to recent earth quake. Officials are still finding the injured and lost mountaineering.

An injured mountaineering told that, he heard a very loud voice and at the very second moment I was buried under the ice momentum. When I opened my eyes, many foreigners were around me and I was under the tent. He added that, he was unknown that what had happened and where he is? Another mountaineering Sharpa/Guide told after reaching at the airport in injured condition that he was cooking and everyone came outside, when we heard a loud voice. On the second moment an iced wall fall on me. He said he tried to get out of it as he was feeling suffocation, but he knew that he has to live. He said, he is alive but have lost his many friends there. While coming out from there, he saw a disaster everywhere and a base camp was totally destroyed.


ڏاڍي تيز آواز ٻڌي، ٻئي لمحي ئي برف جي ھيٺان دٻجي ويم

نيپال ۾ اچڻ واري زلزلي اتي موجود دنيا جي بلند ترين چوٽي مائونٽ ايورسٽ به پنھنجي تاريخ جي سڀ کان وڏي شڪار ٿي وئي.

نيپال جي محڪما ڪوھ پيمائي جي مطابق ڪوھ پيمائن سميت ۱۷ ماڻھو فوت ٿي چڪا آھن.

جڏھن ته زخمين ۽ گمشدا ڪوھ پيمائن جي تعداد به وڌيڪ آھي.

زخمي گائيڊ ٻڌايو ته ان تمام تيز آواز ٻڌي ۽ ٻئي لمحي ئي برف جي ريلي ھيٺان دٻجي ويم، منھنجي اک کلي ته مان ھڪ تنبو ۾ ھئس ۽ منھنجي چوڌاري غير ملڪي بيٺا ھئا، مون کي خبر نه ھئي ته ڇا ٿيو ۽ مان ڪٿي آھيان.

ڪڊني شرپا زخمي حالت ۾ ايئرپورٽ پھچڻ کان پوءِ پنھنجي مختصر بيان ۾ ٻڌايو ته مان کاڌو پچائي رھيو ھيم سڀ زلزلي کان پوءِ کليل جڳھ تي پھتا ۽ ٻي  لمحي برف جي  ڀت منھنجي مٿان اچي ڪري  مان ان کان ٻاھر نڪرڻ جي ڪئي منھنجو ساھ منجھي رھيو ھو پر مان کي خبر ھئي ته مان کي جيئڻو آھي.

ھو پاڻ ته بچي ويو پر ڪيترن ئي دوستن کي وڃائي ويٺو.

جڏھن ھو ٻاھر نڪرڻ ۾ ڪامياب ٿي ويو ته ھر طرف تباھي ھئي ۽  بيس ڪيمپ جو حصو ختم ٿي چڪو ھو.