History of Sindhi Language

سنڌي ٻولي جي تاريخ

سنڌي ٻوليءَ جي بنياد جي باري ۾ لسانيات جي عالمن جا مختلف رايا آهن. هڪ خيال اهو آهي ته سنڌي ٻولي سنسڪرت مان ڦٽي نڪتي آهي. جڏهن ته ٻيو خيال اهو آهي ته سنڌي...
Sindh Museum – An Eminent Symbol of Pride

Sindh Museum – An Eminent Symbol of Pride

Wandering around the “Sindh Museum” in Hyderabad, developed for the primary objectives of maintaining, collecting, protecting and showcasing Sindh’ miracle record of culture and antique crafts was the source of enjoyment once. The museum is...
Sufism in Sindh

Sufism in Sindh

Two concepts stand out very apparently in this work on Sufi Sindh in usual and Sindhi Sufism in specific. Michel Boivin has correctly urged on the dialect nature of the Sufism in the location...

Wazir Mansion: The Birth Place of Quaid

The parents of the great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah was once used to live in the Wazir Masnsion. The place, where the birth of Quaid-e-Azam took place and spent 16 years of his childhood...
Sindh Festival 2014: Sindh`s Art Decorates Karachi

Sindh Festival 2014: Sindh`s Art Decorates Karachi

KARACHI: Sindh`s talented and amazing craftswomen who are extremely creative and marvelous in creating beautiful and tender art. Expert in sewing traditional Sindhi quilt, handmade bedsheets and unique handicrafts, these women had no match...
Handmade Sindhi Quilts, Rilli رِلي

Handmade Sindhi Quilts, Rilli رِلي

Pakistani culture is world famous for its handmade artifacts and products specially those of related to the provincial cultural heritage. Such cultural heritage and talent is possessed by the women of Sindh who manufacture...

Ajrak – A living Artistry of Sindh

Ajrak is a cloth of block printed with cavernous blushing red and sky blue background, posturing proportional patterns with dispersed unprinted effervescent transparent white motifs, nearly stars. Made of cotton, its flexibility resembles to...

Welcome to Sindh – A Dream Land منهنجي ڌرتي سنڌ – سنڌي دنيا

Sindhi Dunya - سنڌي دنيا   Sindh is a province of Pakistan. In Pakistan only Sindh is a province in which people of different languages are living in a very huge quantity. They are Sindhi, Balochi,...
Actual reason behind ignorance of Urdu Speaking people

اردو ڳالهائيندڙن جي پاڪستان جي قيام لاءِ جدوجهد ۽ احساس محروميءَ جي اصل حقيقت

سنڌي ماڻهن کي ايم ڪيو ايم سان هيٺين ٽن ڳالهين تي قومي اسيمبليءَ ۽ سنڌ اسيمبليءَ کان وٺي هر فورم تي بحث ڪرڻ گهرجي.1: تحريڪ پاڪستان ۾ اردو ڳالهائيندڙن جو ڪردار ڪيترو هو؟2: تحريڪ...
Sindhi Culture – A Provincial Treasure

Sindhi Culture – A Provincial Treasure

Sindh is one of the largest provinces of Pakistan situated in Southern Border. The name of this province has been derived from famous River Indus. According to Sanskrit, the name of Sindh was pronounced...

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