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China prohibited Online Diagnosis and Treatment

China prohibited Online Diagnosis and Treatment

China recently has banned on doing online Diagnosis and Treatments.

BEIJING: China has banned on online Diagnosis and Treatments. According to foreign media, and official of Health and Family Planning Commission of China Song Shuli announced about the ban and said that Online Healthcare is increasing throughout the country, just like an industry. Most of the Online Institutions which are providing Online Diagnosis and Treatment Facilities are not reliable.

Due to the reason, these institutions are unable to provide the appropriate treatment to the patient. They are not even able to diagnose the disease properly. In some past time, instead of Online Services, the ratio of patients rather to be decreased, it has been increased dramatically.

From now on, no such institutions will be able to diagnose, treat or prescribe to the patients online. Registered Institutions and Hospitals are allowed to diagnose and treat online to their patients through their websites.

چين ۾ آن لائن مرض جي جاچ ۽ علاج تي پابندي لڳائي ڇڏي

بيجنگ: چين ۾ آن لائن مرض کي جاچڻ ۽ علاج تي پابندي لڳائي ڇڏي آهي. غير ملڪي ميڊيا جي مطابق چين جي قومي صحت ۽ فيملي پلاننگ ڪميشن جي ترجمان سونگ شولي پابندي جو اعلان ڪندي چيو آهي ته ملڪ ۾ آن لائن علاج جي سهولت هڪ صنعت جي شڪل اختيار ڪندو پيو وڃي ۽ آن لائن مريضن کي علاج جي سهولتون فراهم ڪرڻ وارا اڪثريتي ادارا قابل ڀروسا نه هوندا ۽ نه هي مرض جي درست جاچ ڪري سگهن ٿا جنهن جي سبب مريضن جو انگ ۾ گهٽتائي جي بجاءِ ان ۾ اضافو ٿي رهيو آهي. ان لاءِ آئندا رجسٽرڊ ادارا ۽ اسپتالن جي بجاءِ ڪوئي به اسپتال ويب سائٽس جي ذريعي مرض جي جاچ، علاج ۽ دوائون تجويز نه ڪري سگهندا.   

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