China strongly warned American Drone

BEIJING: China warned American Drone and asked them to leave their place or else, there will be worse results against to this violation.

According to the CNN, American Navy Drone P-8 Poseidon flew through Southern China’s sea area and reached at an Island, which china made within a period of 2 years. At one stage, the drone came at very low level and reached at 15,000 sq. ft., which was flying around the island of China. It has been believed that the drones were trying to capture the information about that particular island. On that China Navy, warned the drone and said that this is China’s territory and this is China Navy, get out of here. After the warning, drone went out of that.

China has strongly condemned it and warned America in hard words that they will not tolerate any such mistake in near future.


چين جي آمريڪي جاسوس  طياري کي سخت وارننگ

بيجنگ: چين آمريڪي جاسوس طياري کي وارننگ ڏيندي چيو ته ھن جڳھ تان نڪري وڃن نه ته انجام سٺو نه ٿيندو. سي اين اين جو چوڻ آھي ته آمريڪي نيوي جي جاسوس طياري پي-8 پوسيڊون جنوبي چين جي سمنڊ تي  پرواز ڪندي جزيري تي پھتو آھي جيڪو چين ٻن سالن ۾ ٺاھيو آھي. ھڪ مقام تي ته ھي جاسوسي طيارو تمام  ھيٺ پرواز ڪرڻ لڳو ۽ پندرھن ھزار فٽ جي بلنديءَ تي چين جي ٺاھيل جزيري مان معلومات گڏ ڪرڻ لڳو.

ان موقعي تي چيني بحريه طياري کي سخت وارننگ ڏيندي چيو ته ”ھي چيني بحريه آھي، ھي چيني بحريه آھي…. ھتان ھليا وڃو“.

ان وارننگ کان پوءِ آمريڪي طيارو اتان نڪري ويو. چين آمريڪا کي اھڙن واقعن کان خبردار ڪندي چيو ته آئنده ائين نه ڪيو وڃي.