Clean your scratched CD’s in a cheap and best way

ISLAMABAD: Now it is very easy to get rid of Scratches on CD’s. A very affordable and easy way to clean the CD’s has been found. All you need is to follow the following steps;

  • Step 1: Clean the CD

Clean the CD with the help of Soft Cloth, so that there should be no any such dirt on the base level of the CD.

  • Step 2: Rub the CD with Banana

Once you have cleaned the CD, now take a banana and cut it into halves. Now rub the banana on the base of CD or DVD for some time.

  • Step 3: Wash CD with Hot Water

After rubbing the CD with Banana, now wash the CD with light hot water.

  • Step 4: Clean the CD with Soft Cloth

After washing the CD with hot water, clean the CD with soft cloth slowly and gradually. Make sure that no water drop remains on the CD.

  • Step 5: Put your CD in CD Player

Once you are done with all the steps, you can use the CD now.

Now enjoy and run the CD. You might get your data back, which you’ve lost due to the scratches. The CD will now work with no issues.


سي ڊي اسڪريچ صاف ڪرڻ جو بهترين ۽ سستو طريقو

اسلا آباد: اسڪريچز کا جان ڇڏائڻ جو آسان ۽ تمام سستو حل اچي ويو آهي اهو هي آهي ته سڀ کان پهريون اسڪريچز واري سي ڊي کي نرم ڪپڙي سان سٺي طرح صاف ڪيو ته جيئن هن جي سطح تي مٽي موجود نه هجي پوءِ هڪ ڪيلو کڻي هن کي وچ مان ڪٽيو ۽ سٺي طرح سان سي ڊي يا ڊي وي ڊي جي پوئين حصي تي مليو ٿوڙي دير تائين هن عمل کي ڪرڻ کانپوءِ هلڪو گرم پاڻي سان ڌوئي ڪري نرم ڪپڙي سان آهسته سان صاف ڪيو. هن عمل ۾ صرف هي احتياط رکو ته سي ڊي تي پاڻي جا قطرا باقي ته نه آهن. هاڻي سي ڊي يا ڊي وي ڊي روم ۾ وجهي ڪري ڏسو جيڪڏهن اسڪريچز جي سبب توهان جو ڊيٽا ضايع نه ٿيو آهي ته هي ضرور بغير ڪنهن رڪاوٽ جي ڪم ڪرڻ لڳندي