The Beautiful Gallery of Sea Views Karachi

Karachi is the most popular coastal city in Pakistan. There are so many opportunities to glance on different beaches of the Arabian Sea for the beach lovers in contrast to any other city in Pakistan. Though, Clifton Beach holds the significant worth among all the adventure loving people. This beach provides the outstanding opportunities of leisure and recreational activities. This marvelous beach is also renowned to be known as Sea View which is the busiest area where you will find the crowd of people at any time of night and day. Some people come to enjoy the cool breeze while other comes for sports activities, some want to just walk though the water, some come for tourism activities and some people come with their families to enjoy picnic.

This beach was awarded among the most popular top silver sand beach around the globe in 20th Century. But in 2003, the beach was destroyed by a cargo ship as the oil spilled in the water and for few weeks, the place was abandoned and labeled as no go area.

Location:The Clifton Beach is situated beside the Saddar Town which is the central point of city

The Clifton Beach is situated beside the Saddar Town which is the central point of city. Across the beach, the Sea View Apartments are the gated residential place which is considered to be top most precious properties of Karachi. Having an apartment in such place is just a dream of every Karachi citizen but it can be very costly which makes it the choice for only elite class. Furthermore, many other villas and apartments are now being established along the beach which is getting prominent among the people. Many people are having their strong eyes on Darakhshan Villas, which is another housing scheme along the coast, to fulfill the dream of owning an apartment in this paradise.

The floodlights:The floodlights:

The tourists can avail so any opportunities in this beach. It has totally a different feel and phenomena during the day which completely transforms at night. When the sun sets in the west, Floodlights are turned on which provides an electrifying display to the whole sea. These lights illuminate the beach and you can enjoy such a striking view from distant area. It is not less than a wonder to watch seagulls at the beach.

Beach Charisma:Beach Charisma:

The beach contributes many attractive places for the visitors involving the families and persons of any age and gender. The beach has an amusement park which includes many adventurous rides in contrast to any other amusement park in Karachi. Camel rides and horse rides are also getting popular in this beach which is very affordable for the moderate class. Now currently, the tri-bikes are becoming a new talk of the town which pursues the young generations to enjoy this tremendous vehicle at this place. This ride can be booked on hourly basis which could prove affordable to the ride lovers.

Another amazing attraction added in this place is the establishment of Cineplex Cinema which is the significant spot for the households of DHA (Defense Housing Authority) and Clifton area. All the national and international movies are hit here. The beach is perfect for picnics where you have a freedom to do your own personal cooking and can also eat fast foods there. It is very difficult to find a lonely spot on the days of weekend, festivals and public holidays. If you want to relax and are looking for some peace, then you must visit this Clifton Beach on weekdays where there is less crowed.

Food Street:Food Street:

The Clifton Beach is developing rapidly and the officials are using the entire area quite well. When you will go down on the right side of the beach, you will discover numerous restaurants and fast food chains in a straight line. They are commodious and the whole architecture is made of wood which provide unique scenery to the people of Karachi. These food chains mostly provide Continental and Chinese dishes but the traditional Pakistani cuisine here has its own specialty. Sea food items blend in conventional recipes are the most favorite food item for the people here. This food street is progressing very quickly. You will observe chain of new restaurants approximately after two or three months whenever you will visit. This food street is very busy and crowded at weekend days. These restaurant chains also provide the opportunities of advance reservations on phone so it is greatly recommended to book in your area before coming specifically on off days.

The Beautiful Gallery of Sea Views Karachi :

 Written by Aqsa Zahid