Sindhi Dunya

Customer paid $200 tip to waitress on a bill of $9.53

Waitress Started crying loudly

Waitress Started crying loudly

A picture which is been posted with this post is a Credit Card Receipt of a Bill of $9.53 along with the tip of $200.00.

Customer left a note at the back side of Receipt. When waitress read that particular note, she started crying badly. Customer wrote in his note that, “Thank you for your service. I ever heard you talking about your son. Use this to visit him”.

When manager showed the note to Brandy, a loud noise of crying was heard from the Kitchen.

Brandy said that still there are such good people in this world.

The report is about the unknown restaurant and we don’t know that where is this restaurant located? But every restaurant likes to have such customers.


ويٽريس زور زور سان روئڻ لڳي

پوسٽ ٿيڻ واري ھڪ تصوير ۾ ڏيکاريو ويو آھي ته ھڪ گراھڪ ۹۰۵۳ ڊالر جي بل تي ۲۰۰ ڊالر جي ٽپ ڏني.

بل جي پٺيان لکيل نوٽ کي پڙھي ويٽريس زور زور سان روئڻ لڳي.

لکيل ھو ته برانڊي تنھنجي سروس جي مھرباني ،مان ڪيترائي دفعا ٻڌو آھي تون پنھنجي پٽ جون ڳالھيون ڪندي آھين.

ھنن پئسن سان وڃي پنھنجي پٽ سان ملي اچ.

 برانڊي کي مينجر نوٽ ڏيکاريو ته ھو باورچي خاني ۾ زور زور سان روئڻ لڳي.

 برانڊي چيو ته ھن دنيا ۾ اڃان تائين سٺا ماڻھو به موجود آھن.

معلوم نه ٿي سگھيو ته ھي واقعو ڪھڙي شھر پيش آيو پر اھڙا سٺا گراھڪ ته سڀئي ريسٽورنٽ وارا پسند ڪندا.

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