Dadu and Johi - Barren Districts and our Leaders

DADU: Many of my friends over social media are talking about different stories of different aspects of politics and their developments. I was going over with one of a post over Social Media about the elected leaders of Dadu and Johi Districts of Sindh.

Since people of Dadu and Johi are seems to be angry on their leaders. They believe that they’ve given their votes during 2013 elections to the wrong people. Current Political leaders of both the districts belongs to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), whose names are;

  • Member National Assembly (Dadu and Johi): Rafique Jamali
  • Member Sindh Assembly (Dadu): Peer Mujeeb
  • Member Sindh Assembly (Johi): Ghulam Shah
  • MPA on Reserved Seats for Women: Kulsoom Chandio and Sharjeela Laghari

Local people believe that the above mentioned leaders, who promised them that they are their selected leaders and will do their level best to boost their living standards at every level. These leaders during their Election campaigns remained with public and conducted different rallies, corner meetings, gatherings at door to door and requested every single person to vote them. In return they promised to the local people to convert Dadu and Johi’s every village and city into a model village and city. They promised to develop these areas with Street lights, broader roads, Community centers, Stadium, Water Supply Schemes, Well Carpeted roads, Model Schools, Air-Conditioned Hospitals, Free Healthcare, Medicine, clean atmosphere, peaceful communities, cheaper justice by reducing the level of bribery from Police Stations and to eradicate corruption from different departments working there. They promised to provide every level of support to the people.

While talking to people, they said that they gave those votes as they promised for all these things. But these people never turned back to them once they were succeeded.

Today, these leaders instead of developing their regions are developing themselves and has left the regions helpless. Local people are asking, that where are these leaders gone? As they’ve became invisible from their villages and have never turned to them for anything after elections.

People believe that they are regretful for voting them in the elections. They believe that they’ve learnt the lessons from them.

دادو ۽ جوهي تعلقي جي رهواسين جي دانهن ۽ پ پ جي نمائيندن کي ووٽ ڏيڻ جو پڇتاءُ 

دادو ضلعي ۾ 2013 واري اليڪشن ۾ عوام جي ووٽن سان ھتان جو چونڊیل؛

ایم این اي جوهي ۽ دادو رفيق جمالي
ايم پي اي دادو پير مجيب

ايم پي اي جوهي غلام شاهه
عورتن جي مخصوص سيٽ تي ايم پي اي ٿيل ڪلثوم چانڊيو ، شرجيلا لغاري
هي نمائيندا چونڊجڻ کان اڳ دادو ۽ جوهي تعلقی ۽ جي عوام سان وڏن وڏن جلسن جلوسن، ڪارنر گڏجاٹین ۽ در در تي وڃي ماڻهن جون منٿون ميڙ ڪري اِهي واعدا ڪیا تہ، اوھان ووٽ ڏیو اسان دادو ۽ جوهيءَ تعلقي جي ھر ھڪ ڳوٺ ، شھر کي ماڊل ولیج وانگر خوبصورت روشنین جا شھر اسٽریٽ لائیٽون ، ڪشادا روڊ رستا ، ڪمیونٽي سینٽر، اسٽیڊیم ، واٽرسپلاءِ جون اسڪیمون، کارپیٽ روڊ، ماڊل اسڪول، ائیر کنڊیشنڊ اسپتالون، مفت علاج، دوائون، صفائيءَ جو نظام سٺو ۽ بھترڪرڻ، امن امان ڪرائي عوام کي تحفظ فراھم ڪرڻ، سستو انصاف فراھم ڪري تعلیم عام ڪري ٿاٹن مان مختیارڪاري ۽ ٻین کاتن مان ڪرپشن کان پاڪ ڪرائڻ جو وچن ۽ واعدو ٿا ڪیون، 
جنھن جي بنیاد تي اسان جي دادو ۽ جوهي واسين اهڙن حڪمرانن کي پنهنجو قيمتي ووٽ ڏنو، هنن عوام جي مدد سان لکين ووٽ کيان، پر اڄ دادو ۽ جوهي جي حالت اوهان کي هنن تصويرن ۾ ڏيکارجي ٿي ۽ جن اسان کي شهر ڊويلپمينٽ ڪرڻ جو چئي ووٽ ورتا انهن جون به تصويرون ڏسو ته هنن پاڻ کي اسان جي ووٽ سان ڪيترو ڊويلپ ڪري ڇڏيو آهي.

مقامي ماڻهن جو چوڻ آهي ته انهن کي پڇتاءُ آهي ته هنن پنهنجو ووٽ غلط ماڻهن کي ڏنو، جيڪي ان جي لائق نه هيا.