Despoilers aim Thar temple, Violate idol

As the Hindu minority staggers from secular attacks at their sacred places of worship in Hyderabad, Larkana and Badin, yet one more incident in the ashram of Tharparkar has distressed them further more.

At ashram of Faqir Par Braham in Deeplo taluka’s village Verhijhap, the perpetrators theft a trishool and violated parrh (a section or piece of holy cloth covered around the idol). “3 to 4 persons came into the ashram and disrespected the entire place,” stated.Meantime, Muneer Sheik, the Tharparkar SSP, claims that police have caught 4 suspicious people involving Jian Parho,

The community of Hindus protested out in the streets in all the areas of Tharparkar, also deploying a sit-in at the Kashmir Chowk of Mithi. The places and bazaars in Deeplo, Chachro and Islamkot towns were closed in the strike.

“The community of Hindus is being aimed in all the sections of Sindh Province under a plotting,” claimed Raja Bhawan of Hindu Panchayat of Tharparkar who dealt the protestors. “We just want the authorities and Sindh Government to expose the violators behind this awful act.”

Tharparkar is well-known for the cooperative coexistence of Muslim and Hindu regional communities so much so that latter do no sell the cows meat, which are even very remotely sacrificed on the Islamic Festival of Ei-ul-Adha, at the butcher shops.Despoilers aim Thar temple, Violate idol

This current incident just happened just 2 days after a minor temple of Hindu idol, Hanuman, was violated in Hyderabad district, where the police officers have arrested 12 suspicious persons for inquisition.

The sit-in Mithi terminated after the official representatives from PPP party (Pakistan Peoples Party) and PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf) solaced the Hindu community and self-assured them of action against the perpetrators. “The Government of Sindh has failed to secure the minorities instead of the sequences of incidents over many years objectifying our community,” claimed Lal Malhi the PTI’s minority MNA, who supported the protestors.Despoilers aim Thar temple, Violate idol

Faqir Sher Muhammad Bilalani, the PPP MNA, informed reporters that Tharparkar has never evidenced and faced such rituals and communal attacks in history and what happened in Deeplo was a profane act of theft.

Later, a deputation of Hindu representatives involving Bhawan, Hot Chand, Kuldeep Mal Parwani and previous Nazim Ghansham Das and many others met Faryal Talpur, the PPP MNA. “We informed her that our people will not tolerate any more invasions. We need protection and safety as well as exposing those violators who are behind this profane attack,” Das reported.Meantime, Muneer Sheik, the Tharparkar SSP, claims that police have caught 4 suspicious people involving Jian Parho,

Meantime, Muneer Sheik, the Tharparkar SSP, claims that police have caught 4 suspicious people involving Jian Parho, Abdul Sattar, Wasayo Parho and Moula Bux. The theft trishool was also recaptured. According to him, Wasayo is the main suspect. An FIR has been filed at the police station of Deeplo on the statement and objection of Seth Jhaman Das.

Meantime, the strike against the invasion of Hanuman Temple sustained in Hyderabad District for the 3rd day. Gian Chand, the provincial minorities’ minister, who toured the temple, said that series of attacks at the temples of Hindu are an effort to fail the government of Sindh.

He informed that he has written to the Sindh acting IG to give protection at all the areas of sacred worships of the minority people.

Krishan Kumar Vakwani, the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz’s MNA said, “A 3rd force is trying hard to create religious disrespect by executing such invasions,” who is also the leader of Pakistan Hindu Panchayat. Speaking to the media in the district Hyderabad, Vakwani inquired the provincial government to give protection at the churches and temples and also operate CCTV cameras there.

The nationalist parties of Sindh i.e. Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Sindh Taraqi Pasand, Sindh United Party, Qaumi Awami Tehreek and many others have criticized the blasphemy in Tharparkar.