DNA Test held mandatory in Kuwait for all citizens

KUWAIT: A new law has been proposed in Kuwait City. All the citizens and non-citizens living in Kuwait has to go through with the DNA Test. Local Government has made DNA Test to be mandatory for everyone who is living within Kuwait.

The law has been introduced as precautionary step after the incident occurred on a Shia Sect Mosque. A Human Rights activist organization “Human Rights Watch” said that the law is to interfere in personal life of people, which is against to the basic rights. This law needs to be amended.


ڪويت جي تمام شھرين جي لاءِ ڊي اين اي ٽيسٽ ڪرائڻ لازمي قرار

ڪويت: ڪويت سٽي ۾ ھڪ نئين قانون جي تحت تمام شھرين ۽ اتي رھڻ وارن غير ملڪين جي لاءِ ڊي اين اي ٽيسٽ ڪرائڻ لازمي قرار ڏنو ويو آھي. ھي قانون ھڪ شيعا مسجد تي ٿيڻ واري ھڪ ھولناڪ حملي کان پوءِ متعارف ڪرايو ويو آھي. حقوق انساني علمبدار تنظيم ھيومن رائيٽس واچ چيو آھي ته ھي قانون ڪنھن ماڻھوءَ جي ذاتي زندگيءَ جي متعلق تحفظ جي حق جي خلاف ورزيءَ تي مبني آھي ۽ ان ۾ ترميم ڪئي وڃي.