Driving Experts also get Scared on Japan’s Bridge

There is a Bridge in Japan which is similar to a Roller Coaster, where even Driving Experts get scared while driving on this bridge.
TOKYO: World has many amazing creations which includes amazing kinds of bridges as well. Japan has also one of such Bridge which is very tall and high, which is very high and tall. The origin of Bridge is something like even Driving Experts are scared to drive on this bridge.
Eshima Ohashi is a Bridge built up on Nakaumi Lake, which is 1 mile long. While driving on this bridge one feels like they are mounting on some mountain as this bridge contains flattered road. A bridge is too long and only strong heart people can only think driving on this bridge.
This Bridge is 1.7 Kilometers long and 11.4 Kilometers Wide. A Ship can easily pass below this bridge. This bridge is considered to be third largest bridge of its kind. An interesting fact about this bridge is that, this bridge has a slope of 6.1 percent from one side and 5.1 percent from other side, which gives this bridge a shape of Roller Coaster.

جاپان جو رولر ڪوسٽر جهڙو هيٺ مٿي روڊ جنهن تي ماهر ڊرائيور به ڊرائيونگ ڪندي ڍڄندا آهن

ٽوڪيو: دنيا ۾ هڪ کان هڪ وڏا عجيب و غريب پل موجود آهن، پر اڄ اسان توهان کي هڪ اهڙي ڊگھي پل جي باري ۾ ٻڌائيندا سي جنهن کي عبور ڪرڻ چڱي چڱن ڊرائيورن جي لاءِ به ڪنهن خوف کان گھٽ نه آهي.
جاپان ۾ جھيل ناڪائومي تي ٺاهيل پل اشيما اوهاشي هڪ ميل ڊگھو آهي. هن پل تي چڙهيندي وقت اهو احساس ٿيندو آهي ته جيئن انسان ڪنهن پهاڙ تي چڙهي رهيو آهي. هن پل جو ٺهيل رستو پهاڙن وانگر هيٺ مٿي ٺهيل آهي ۽ هي پل چڙهڻ محل هڪدم ايترو اونچو آهي جو هڪ مظبوط دل رکڻ وارو ئي هن تي گاڏي مٿي کڻي وڃڻ جو سوچي سگھي ٿو. هي پل 1.7 ڪلوميٽر ڊگھو ۽ 11.4 ميٽر ويڪرو آهي ۽ هن جي هيٺان هڪ پاڻيءَ وارو جهاز آرام سان گزري سگھي ٿو. هي دنيا جو پنهنجي طرز جو ٽيون سڀ کان وڏو پل آهي. هن پل جي حيرت انگيز ڳاله اها به آهي ته هن پل جي هڪ طرف 6.1 ۽ ٻئي طرف 5.1 فيصد جھڪيل آهي.