EDUCATION SYSTEM IN SINDH – سنڌ ۾ تعليمي نظام

In today’s world, education is not what it is supposed to be.   I think that we should first look over the main aim of education before giving any statement on this topic. As I take it, the education is meant to serve many purposes. It should enable the student to look the world in a different perspective than just living in it. Education is preparing a person to face everyday life problems. It changes our personality and way of talking and education helps us to live in this world and to understand it. This is only education which enables you to give your opinion. Think, if u didn’t go to school, could you criticize your education system? I think that life without education is a waste in today’s world. Read More….

Current Education Minister of Sindh: Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuro


  1. Karachi Board of Secondary Education
  2. Hyderabad Board of Secondary Education
  3. Sukkur Board of Secondary Education
  4. Larkana Board of Secondary Education
  5. Mirpur Khas Board of Secondary Education
  6. Aga Khan University Examination Board

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Schools in Sindh

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