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EDUCATION SYSTEM IN SINDH – سنڌ ۾ تعليمي نظام


In today’s world, education is not what it is supposed to be.   I think that we should first look over the main aim of education before giving any statement on this topic. As I take it, the education is meant to serve many purposes. It should enable the student to look the world in a different perspective than just living in it. Education is preparing a person to face everyday life problems. It changes our personality and way of talking and education helps us to live in this world and to understand it. This is only education which enables you to give your opinion. Think, if u didn’t go to school, could you criticize your education system? I think that life without education is a waste in today’s world.If you notice, half of what we learn in school isn’t needed at all. The education system in Sindh puts more emphasis on the theoretical knowledge than the practical. A student from the very beginning of education is forced to copy up the things rather than to understand the thoughts. Our education system has been under the curse of cramming where memorizing has more importance than understanding. In the higher studies as we know the condition is the same. Instead of acquiring school education, they are simply learning cramming by copying the answers and writing the same in their exams.
Today all the educated, moneymaking parents want to give their child best education for that they go to popular schools but they never check teacher who gives education. We believe that modern education system is very efficient. A child is sent to school only at the age of four where his teachers give him moral education. Moral education is all about making a human being understand what type of education is best for him and for the society.Higher education in Sindh is broke, where students are given importance on neither theories nor practical education, so they lack the actual knowledge. Today we give more importance on theoretical education than practical. We simply memorize the text we are provided and copy that as it is in the examinations just to gain marks.Presently we are loosing our education quality level because of some reasons; I personally feel that the money-makers (private schools) are the vital reason to loose our quality of education because they provide education only affordable for the rich, but not to our poor people. In Sindh there is a lot of number of unregistered private schools which only made for money-making. There are approximately 1543 unregistered private schools operating in Sindh.According to Senior Minister for Education Pir Mazharul Haq that 9,122 registered and 1,543 unregistered private schools are operating in Sindh province. there are 5,359 registered and 563 unregistered schools in Karachi; 878 registered and 336 unregistered in Hyderabad; 222 registered and 25 unregistered in Sukkur; 307 registered and 56 unregistered in Mirpurkhas; 441 registered and 65 unregistered in Khairpur; 140 registered and 67 unregistered in Larkana; 217 registered and 35 unregistered in Benazirabad (Nawabshah); 192 registered and 62 unregistered in Ghotki; 128 registered and 31 unregistered in Jamshoro; 131 registered and 24 unregistered in N. Feroze; 107 registered and 34 unregistered in Dadu; 132 registered and 27 unregistered in Badin; 201 registered and 32 unregistered in Sanghar; 94 registered and 15 unregistered in Thatta; 39 registered and eight unregistered in Matiari; 42 registered and seven unregistered in Tando Muhammad Khan; 79 registered and 16 unregistered in Tando Allahyar; 79 registered and 44 unregistered in Umerkot; 79 registered and 16 unregistered in Mithi; 60 registered and 10 unregistered in Kambar, Shahdadkot; 63 registered and 30 unregistered in Shikarpur; 67 registered and nine unregistered in Jacobabad; 65 registered and 31 unregistered in Kashmore, Kandhkot.The system has to be changed according to the age groups of students. The primary students are given very much burden in many schools. The education should give them the proper course structure which should be a must in all schools. This has to change right from primary education to graduation levels. The system of examinations has to be changed by all admissions given by money power so poor who have good marks did not get admission in their choice of study. Education is the most fundamental factor of one’s social and economic success in life. Learning in school makes us to know how to interact with different people of society. This not only helps in our career growth. Government should support those people who are talented, and government should support them working for the society. Our government should adopt the learning techniques which are useful for the children in this competitive world, government must work on those things before it gets too late.
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