Facebook to launch major break-through in WhatsApp

If you are addicted to use an application named WhatsApp, so get ready for the major break-through within the application. It has been predicted to set forth a major change within the application.

All around the world, around 800 million people use WhatsApp and now WhatsApp is going to introduce another major addition in its application by introducing its new feature for Business. By this feature, WhatsApp will be able to be used as a source of communication within Business Institutions.

Facebook, who owns the property of WhatsApp, has announced that Facebook is considering to use WhatsApp services for the communication purposes between the businesses. According to the leading social media platform, Facebook has quoted that they are trying to structure such platform, where business community can be gathered live.

Facebook is already using WhatsApp for within its mobile messaging application and Facebook messages. Now, Facebook is considering to use WhatsApp for Business communication purposes to add additional earning resource within their business. Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer David Wehner has confirmed the report about WhatsApp and said that they are considering WhatsApp to be used for the communication purposes within the Business Community because Facebook is expecting a good return through this business. On other hand Facebook Co-Founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton has opposed it and said that they are against using any kind of advertisements within this application. They further said that they don’t want to make their application to be an advertising clearinghouse.


فيس بڪ جو واٽس ايپ ۾ اهم تبديلي جو اشارو

جيڪڏهن توهان واٽس ايپ نالي واري ايپليڪيشن استعمال ڪرڻ جا عادي آهيو ته تمام جلدي توهان کي هن ۾ تمام وڏي تبديلي جو سامنو ڪرڻو پوندو. واٽس ايپ جنهن جا سڄي دنيا ۾ لڳ ڀڳ 80 ڪروڙ صارف آهن تمام جلدي ڪاروباري ادارن جي لاءِ پنهنجا پيغام ماڻهن تي ورسائڻ جو ذريعو بڻجڻ وارو آهي. درحقيقت واٽس ايپ جي ملڪيت هن وقت فيس بڪ وٽ آهي ۽ سماجي رابطي جي هن مقبول ويب سائيٽ جو چوڻ آهي ته هو ڪاروباري ادارن کي براھ راست واٽس ايپ جي ذريعي صارفن تائين رابطي ڪرڻ جي اجازت ڏيڻ تي غور ڪري رهي آهي. فيس بڪ جي طرفان هن فيچر کي پهريون هي موبائل ميسيجنگ اپليڪيشن فيس بڪ ميسينجر ۾ استعمال ڪيو وڃي رهيو آهي. هاڻي فيس بڪ واٽس ايپ جي ذريعي ڪاروباري پيغامن جي صورت ۾ آمدني ڪمائڻ تي به غور شروع ڪري ڇڏيو آهي. فيس بڪ جي چيف فنانشل آفيسر ڊيوڊ واهينر تصديق ڪئي آهي ته اسان هن حوالي سان غور ڪري رهيا آهيون ڇاڪاڻ هن سان سٺو ڪاروبار ملڻ جي توقع آهي. ٻي طرف واٽس ايپ جي بانين ۾ شامل جان ڪوم ۽ برائن ايڪٽن هن ايپ ۾ اشتهاري مهم جي مخالفت ڪندي چيو آهي ته اسان پنهنجي سروس کي اشتهاري ڪليئرنگ هائوس نه ٿا بڻائڻ چاهيون.