Faiz Mahal and Royalty of Talpurs Sindh

The royal family of Talpur has been ruling majestically for centuries over this medieval land. The last heir to the throne of the royal family, Prince Mir Mehdi Raza Talpur sat down with The Express  to give an exclusive interview about their regime, historical significant and their loyalty to the land.

Siting at the majestic family palace, Faiz Mahal at Khairpur, the prince praised his family`s regime which went on for over 3 centuries from 1783 to 1955 stating that his ancestors were not only blessed with power but they used that power humbly to bring peace within the streets of Sindh. In their era, Sindh prospered tremendously by making marvelous examples of loyalty and hard work from his ancestors.

INDUSTRIAL SETUP:Faiz Mahal and Royalty of Talpurs Sindh

Prince Mir highlighted some facts about the development in Khairpur carried out by his ancestors whose main goal was industrialize and develop Khairpur to its own feet. He informed that Khairpur was the first state to set up its own industries with about 52 industrial units. The main purpose of this was to provide employment opportunities and a platform of providing structural resources to the state. He points out that there would have been increase in the number if his ancestors had more time to establish.

EDUCATION FOR ALL:The prince claimed that the Talpur family always had a strict hand on education for all.

The prince claimed that the Talpur family always had a strict hand on education for all. They strived to educate all young boys and girls to at least have some basic knowledge. They established a wide network of schools throughout the state but unfortunately after the partition only 2% of the total budget was given to expand on educational sector. Against this, the Talpur family was spending 22% of their total budget on education and carrying out strict actions against those who didn’t send their children to schools.

HEALTH FACILITIES:Faiz Mahal Mirpurkhas

Prince Mir also told about the free medical services provided by the royal family in the interview. He gave an example of a fatal disease called Tuberculosis and said that they provided free treatment and medical checkups to every individual of the state especially to those suffering from the disease. Even a stipend of Rs. 30 per month was allotted to the people suffering from the disease.


The prince also illuminated the development done before the partition and said that Khairpur was the only pre-partition state that has established an air conditioned textile mills along with air-conditioned buses imported from the United Kingdom. The per capita income of the people pf Khairpur is Rs. 67 according to Mir compared to with the Rs.20 in the rest of the nation. His ancestors were also responsible in building the Sindh Madrassatul Islam and carried out their duties in looking after the working personal with great care. They were great advocates in providing basic human right to every individual.


According to the Prince, his ancestors and Jinnah signed an agreement after the partition on October 3rd 1947 requesting the state in cooperating with the Pakistani government for providing assets in the sectors of defence, communication and foreign affairs. Under the agreement the state was annexed to the Pakistani government but soon the status of the state was compromised after death of Jinnah after which the state of Khairpur its independence in 1955.