Fame and fortune, but even this famous model is dying hungry

New York (News) today, two years ago, supermodel Lisa Brown one of the most beautiful models in the world, but today they face a charming elderly woman who looks like shrunken bones. Lisa is having an extremely rare disease SAMS in which victims in just two years has reduced the weight of approximately 25 kilograms. The number of people with the disease worldwide and only 400 victims, a third of the deaths goes.
Lisa’s intestines squeeze and she could not keep any solid food in the stomach. They also eat the vomit, it is normal for now it is not possible for the solid food. This painful disease that she says has taken everything from them. ” I was very bold, playful and together with friends and family had a lot of fun. I’m falling in pain all the time. I feel that my innards like two handfuls of iron tongs should be warmly. For me peace, joy and smile and think dreams are inevitable. ” Lisa only 32 years, but his body was like 80-year-old woman and her husband or her life without the help of minor works be able to do. Watching them is hard to believe.